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How to Become a Show Promoter for Gospel Events


Becoming a show promoter of gospel shows can be an invigorating exercise. Gospel music's presence is embraced by many and its infectious energy has brought people together in joyous celebration. By using some traditional concert promotion methods in addition to those that are unique to religious events, you can quickly become a skilled gospel show promoter.


Instructions on how to Establish Your Gospel Promotion Business

        1    Create a biography for yourself that outlines your experience. Include information that demonstrates your passion for the music. This information will be key in developing your promotional materials. For example, when looking for important connections, people want to know that you are interested in the message that the music conveys, which should be evident in your biography.
        2      Check with your local church to find out about gospel music events in your area. Attend gospel music events and make notes on how they are run. Take special care to write down what things you might change about the events to make them run more smoothly. Make an outline that includes the kinds of people you encounter, such as an event coordinator, venue manager and musician and artist managers. Offer to have coffee or lunch with promoters and artists connected to the events to discuss possibly working with them. One of the best ways to learn any business is to work as an apprentice or assistant.
        3      Join professional organizations such as the local chamber of commerce and Gospel Music Association. Find and join gospel groups on social networking mediums such as Facebook. Attend gospel networking events to meet the movers and shakers of the gospel business. Make a note of those whom you can check with for valuable insider information. Offer to volunteer to help executives at promotion events to get actual experience under the tutelage of those you help.
        4        Using what you have learned at gospel music shows, make an online presence for your gospel promotion business. Create a web site or consider collaborating with a web designer. Consult professional organizations in your area that may be affiliated with your church or chamber of commerce to find a suitable collaborator. Ensure that your website is interactive so that it can be used for social media distribution. This will be key in promoting your gospel shows. For example, connecting your web site to a Facebook page and Twitter feed can automatically inform fans of new shows and invite new fans.
        5        Design and distribute posters, fliers and glossy cards for your gospel shows. Ensure that each poster lists all vital information for each event, such as the name of the venue, your business name, artist names, locations, times, ticket prices, email, phone number, website, and artist web sites.
        6        Make and distribute a gospel music CD with a short demo and include the artists in your show with one song from each of their latest albums.
        7Create and distribute an audio advertisement for radio, TV and Internet promotion.

Tips & Warnings
ü  Start promoting gospel shows several months prior, for best results.
ü  Keep a roster of all of the gospel show performers. Make a database on your computer to keep records of everyone involved.
ü  Get to know the DJs at Christian radio stations. Send them your demo CD and tickets and ask them to play the music on air and offer free tickets.
ü  Ensure that any show that you are connected with conforms to the laws of the location.
ü  Have an attorney review any contracts before signing them.

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