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GOSPEL CITY BUZZ: Jodie Opens up on ‘Kuchi Kuchi’

She is a choir mistress, daughter of a bishop, 6th contender of Idols West Africa and artiste behind the overtly misinterpreted blockbuster song, Kuchi Kuchi. Ever since its release, people have misconstrued the song to be a love song for two lovers. However, Jodie buzzed up to clear the air on this;
BuzzFrom Jodie:
What is love? Do you know that Kuchi Kuchi wasn’t inspired by romantic love? Kuchi Kuchiis a song expressing love from a mother to her child. That is the root of that song, any other love attributed to this song is beautiful. I am happy people are adding to the meaning of my song and it is all good for me because that way, it can have a wider reach.
You don’t have to be a mother to enjoy Kuchi Kuchi. Like l said, I wanted to express another kind of love, a mother/child. Again, every human has the right to experience love, whether romantic, platonic, agape love or whichever there is.
Now its rested. She is still very much the choir mistress of her dad’s church and is committed to sing songs that won’t taint her image as a Christian. So when next you hear that song, listen carefully and admire the declaration of love a mom to her child.

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