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EXCLUSIVE : Behind-The-Scene Shots of Dot & Darryl's "No Matter" Video Shoot in London

A couple of days back, we introduced you to UK's emerging gospel music couple, Dot & Darryl, with the promise of keeping tabs on them and updating you with available info from their camp. Today, we are glad to bring you exclusive shots from the video shoot of their oncoming video single.Click on 'READ MORE' below to view pix...

The video was shot in London at Miloco Studios and had the artistes going through the routines of a standard video shoot.

Speaking to Gospel City, Darryl pointed out that "the shoot was amazing. We are grateful to God for its success and we are really looking forward to the actual release of the video quite soon."
He also divulged that he had seen rushes from the work and that he was indeed impressed with what he saw but had to make some tweaks here and there on it to ensure it comes out good enough for their teeming fans.

Dot & Darryl has been dubbed UK's emerging gospel music couple and have been compared to Nigeria's very own Tunde & Wunmi Obe. Gospel City looks forward to seeing a gospel collabo between them.
Dot, real names Dot Acheru Agbude, is a poet, singer & song-writer. Her music has got a blend of urban, contemporary hip-hop, R&B & reggae soul.  Also known as the Story Teller, she  has an EP titled CRISIS that includes songs like, YOU CAN, GREATEST GIFT & OLD TIME RELIGION!

On his part, Darlington "DARRYL" Agbude, is a cheerful multi-talented R& B singer, song-writer & dancer.
He has been around the music scene for some time and did a track titled '2 DA TOP' featuring UK's JIBILICIOUS that gave him some buzz.
The combination of Dot & Darryl is a vision that is bound to make a lasting impression on hip gospel music. With their video and album in the works, the duo is set to make a lasting impression.

Also, with the release of their forthcoming video, the stage will be set. Gospel City promises to be the first medium to premier the said video online. Stay tuned and anticipate history in the making with Dot & Darryl.