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Gospel City INTRO: Meet Naija's emergimg RnB/Rock/Pop Gospel Boy Band, Vessels of Gold

Yes! Today, Gospel City Naija is proud to introduce you to a gospel band called Vessels of Gold. We are proud of these guys and implore you to read about them and get to listen to one of their songs premiered right here on this blog! We promise to bring you more tracks from them. Read,listen and be blessed.
The Vessels of Gold is a 5man RnB/Rock/Pop Gospel sensational Band. They have been in officially working together as a Band for 7 years Now. The Group Started off with 3 brothers, Isaiah Olumati, Sharpman Olumati and Jubilee Olumati. It later grew include Ogbonnda Emmanuel (also plays the drum)
and  Steve Ude.

The Olumatis were born into a family of singers. Their dad sings and plays the Acoustic Guitar. Their mum Sings, aunty and Uncles all sing as well. This must have rubbed off on the boys because they have stuck to music right from the go.
When they started out, they wrote and composed music but didn’t take it serious because they saw it as mere fun. They started out in Lagos but in 2002, their Family had to relocate to Port Harcourt leaving the Lead Singer, Isaiah, back in Lagos to complete his secondary education.
In 2004, Isaiah was done with school and joined his family in Port Harcourt. With this development, the trio Kicked off their music again and tried gaining a hold on the music scene of a city that they were not really Familiar with yet. During that time, they learnt a great deal about music and were beginning to define their own sound. They took up lessons and learnt how to play different music instruments: Isaiah-Drums, Sharpman- Keyboard, Jubilee-Bass. 

After they discovered and defined their music - RnB/Rock/Pop - they realized that they needed more hands. In the wake of 2005, they brought in Emmanuel Ogbonnda and subsequently got Steve Ude into their circle to form a band.
“We recorded our 1st single in 2007 titled "I Believe”. After much scrutiny and after getting over the  fear of not being accepted, we let it out official in 2010 and since then, we have recorded 5 Songs and Released 3 official Singles” , chirped Isaiah.
Currently unsigned, Vessels of Gold have been in Concert with gospel greats like Samsong, Frank Edwards, Nosa Nathaniel Bassey, Freke Umoh, Afy  Douglass, Charles Granville just to mention a few. 

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