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INTRO: FRESHMAN makes Debut on Gospel City

 Gospel City  is on it again! This time,  we are proud to introduce one of Abuja's fastest-rising gospel artiste, FRESHMAN. Widely referred to as "a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelist, Producer, Rapper, Song writer, Poet, learner", the artiste just got his oeuvre and is bound to have a follow-up that wont disappoint lovers of gospel music.  from listening to secular artistes like Jay Z and Busta Rhymes, Freshman has long resolved to do rap but not in the circles of the rap artistes he used to listen to. He has also adopted gospel rappers like Lecrae, Shai Linne,Jahaziel etc and dumped his Jay Z and Busta Rhymes CDs.

Born on the 10th of June in the city of Jos, Freshman is a 24 year old fast rising Christian emcee and songwriter coming powerfully into the Nigerian music scene. He started his music career way back as a songwriter/poet, later developed the passion for putting tunes into it.

He was exposed to music at an early age since His parents were both involved in Church music; his father being a choir master and his mother a singer... his love for rap music grew listening to people from the likes of Busta Rhymes to Jay Z.

He got exposed to Christian rap when He was given a Lecrae CD (REBEL) in 2008 by a friend and that sparked a fire in Him to be just like that..

His major influences in music remain: Lecrae, Shai Linne, Json, Flame, Spokesman, Da'TRUTH, Sho Baraka, Stephen The Levite, Jahaziel, Trip Lee, KB, amongst many.

Freshman has featured in and performed alongside great Nigerian Gospel Acts like N.U.T.T.Y Josh, Onyeka Onwenu, Spokesman, etc.

He is currently working on a free project tittled: JUST FOR THE RADIO which is focused on our source(s) of music introducing edifying music and challenging the promoters/listeners/makers of unGodly music to step down. The project is due to be released by the end of October 2012. 

A graduate of Geography and a skilled Creative Designer, he currently resides in Abuja where he does his recordings.

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