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EVENT HYPE: Activ8's THE ALPHA BEINGS set to hold in Lagos

Some time this year, we got information about a platform called 'ACTIV8' and its proposed projects. The sensory behind the brand ticked our curiosity and speaking to its helmsman, Sage Tylor, we got to know that this is one endeavor that is notches above the regular. Click 'MORE' for the full info.

The ACTIV8 approach is not “Motivational Speaking” as this has been found to be inadequate to push people to success and it is not church as this approach can easily get lost in RELIGIOUS activities, DOCTRINES and DOGMAS without result.

According to Tylor, "ACTIV8 is a teaching and healing platform where both mental and spiritual principles are explored, with the sole aim of assisting individuals, corporations and nations to have superior manifestation in all their endeavors

The approach on this platform is spiritually guided and practically possible through well-researched principles and innovative thoughts.

It is a platform that deals with the unification of Body-Mind-Spirit, (what we call the 4th Dimension) and makes it possible to once and for all fulfill THE REAL INTENT behind the GREATEST INVENTION called MAN. Remember it said, “have you not seen it written that you are gods.”

It holds its bi-monthly events free for participants and on the 25th of this month, another mind reconstructing edition will hold in Lagos. Registration is FREE and you can simply register from here >> REGISTER 

More details is contained below.


Venue: Protea Hotel, Oakwood, chevron drive, lekki
Date: 25th of Nov. 2012
Time: 4pm-6pm

There is a class of special people who dominate the earth...

They succeed, no matter their religion, in every facet of life (emotional, physical, financial, relational, professional, societal & spiritual.)

They are the ALPHA BEINGS who understand and practise the principal and cardinal laws that govern the results that others follow.

While others fail in business they succeed; while others fall ill, they abound in good health; while others are aged and single, they are young and married. What do they know that makes life so miraculous to them that you need to know.

Until you know what they know, superior manifestation will always be a mystery to you.

You're MADE TO BE ONE OF THEM just if you know and understand the guiding mental and spirituals laws that make life so miraculous.

WELCOME TO ACTIV8 - in the Nov. Session, "THE ALPHA BEINGS" I will give you the central tool to superior manifestation, no matter your religion affiliation.

Venue: Protea Hotel, Oakwood, chevron drive, lekki
Date: 25th of Nov. 2012
Time: 4pm-6pm

ATTENDANCE IS FREE - but to reserve your seat Register at REGISTER

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