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Gospel City Interview: TosinBee's Interview on Daily Independence

When we had his iNTRO on Gospel City, we had a feeling that the 'Amazing Churchboy' would go places with his music. Few days after that iNTRO, the artiste was interviewed on Daily Independent, one of Nigeria's most successful national newspapers. Here, we bring you a full recap of the chat he had with correspondents of the publication!

 Adejumobi Oluwatosin Akinkunmi, known as TosinBee, in the entertainment industry is a nascent hip-hop Fuji-gospel artiste. In this chat with our Special Correspondent, Sayo Olabiyi, he tells about his voyage into the music industry as well as its concomitant challenges and intrigues.  He also gives a little preview into his latest work; “Praise, Motivation and Worship songs”.

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
I was born on May 24, 1985; in Ilorin, Kwara State. I am from Ogbomosho, Oyo State. I read English Language at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, (OOU);  Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. I graduated in 2009 but didn’t go for my youth service until this year as a result of circumstances beyond my control.
What or who prompted your love for music? 
My paternal grandfather; Samuel Adejumobi  did. He was known to be a very good singer.  In 2004, two of my friends, Rumide, Sam and I formed a three man band, ‘Da Roots’. The three of us traveled through out all the Western States in Nigeria to market our new brand of music-ministration. However, the group disbanded due to various career pursuits but, I tell you, it was good while it lasted. For me in particular, it gave me the needed push to actualize my desire to go into full time music. The Words of God are the bedrock of my inspiration; the reason I have kept on despite the numerous challenges I have had to face so far.
What is the strongest point of your music?
Without meaning to sound arrogant, I am blessed with a sonorous voice which has helped to keep my fans. My style too is peculiar, different from what others are doing. My kind of music is a fusion of Hip-Fuji, Jazz and Ewi (traditional Yoruba chant) . It brings a new perspective into gospel music. This is evident in the success of my new singles,  ‘Olela and Mo Mopewa”, a must for those who are in the  Christian family. Even those in the secular world are also showing remarkable interest in them.  I also perform in churches regularly as well as Christian concerts and music festivals.
What are your visions in life?
One of my visions is to become the best gospel singer in Nigeria and the world over.  My overall mission is to let loose the force of worship through music. I am currently working on shooting my first music video with award winning Music Video Director – Akin Alabi. I am also wrapping up my album too. I am also rooted and grounded in the fire band, Joshua Ville Youth Parish, an arm of the City of David, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), passionately committed to lifting Jesus Christ. I am also passionate about issues that have to do with the senior citizens who are struggling to make ends meet. Towards this, I have started a foundation, TosinBee Hopeful Initiative, currently being put in place to offer help to senior citizens of Nigeria.
Since you have been into music what are the challenges you have faced?
My first major challenge was creating a functional website to advertise my name and brand. Fortunately, that has been taken care of. My second is lack of adequate finance. Music can be demanding especially if you want to drive yourself to the peak.  It requires money to do even the most nominal kind of job during the production. However, God has been faithful. My strength is entrenched in my love and joy in what I do. For me, it is both a hobby and career.
Have you been able to overcome the challenges?
Well, as the saying goes, tough times never last, only tough people do. The moment I realized there’s always a price to pay for success, I got fired up, though it can sometimes be really difficult but I am determined through the grace of God to hold on to my dream and make a huge success of it.
When did you start singing?
I started singing from my primary school days but, went into professional music after graduation. While in school, I couldn’t combine the demands of my education with my love for music. I was in school to learn and, earn a certificate so, I devoted more time to that.  As a result, I had to wait until after graduation to go professional but, I was always performing at weddings, funerals, birthdays and at times naming ceremonies.
Apart from your paternal grandfather, who else lured you into music ; your role models who have continued to positively influence your musical quest?
I have a number of foreign artiest like, Smokey Nonfuel, Tonex Deitrick, Haddon, Kim Burrell, Moss Israel Hughton, Zaccardi Cortez, Marvin Sapp. Here in Nigeria, Bolaji Olanrewaju (Big) and Tosin Martins are my role models.
How many albums have you released and what are the titles? 
The first album was with a group, I was with then, De Roots, my personal album is still in process, I have four songs right now and my video is almost out.
Can you tell us more about this album?
The album is a rich spiritual work of healing, praise, motivation and worship. It has the African tint as well as the international flavor like Fuji, Pynagerics. R’ N’ B ‘Rock and Gospel. It has a menu that will appeal to everyone.  It’s all encompassing.
Healing; Praise, Motivation and Worship? Where did you get the inspiration from? 
From God! He gives me what to write; but I can tell you, these are deep songs that will bless souls.
What kinds of negative and positive incidents have you experienced in your career so far?
I have had funny experiences like going to perform at programs penniless and hoping to be paid only to be told, God bless you, thank you for coming. On such days, I rely on the benevolence of close friends to get home. But there are days too, when the experience is so good and beyond expectations.  On the whole, my experiences have been wonderful.
What was the most difficult task you faced while in school?
The most difficult challenge was achieving a fair balance between my love for music and my studies. At a time, I was the music director of my fellowship, Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF).  Balancing academics with other interests can be very difficult; one must not be allowed to suffer for the other.


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