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Gospel City Intro: Meet YoYo, The Preacher's Daughter that sings!

We have quite a few preachers' kids doing gospel music in Nigeria. Today, we are giving you an iNTRO of one of those very few. We got a mail from someone telling us about her. We did our follow-up and thought it wise to give you a dip into her world before we start premiering her music on Gospel City Naija.

YoYo is a 24years old gospel singer/songwriter and dancer. she is a graduate of Accounting from the Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria. Her real name is Favour Yoyo Mike and she is the Daughter of Renowned Bishop Mike Okpokpor (The president and founder of Covenant Faith proof ministries Aka City of truth in Yenagoa,Bayelsa).

 Music has always been part of her Upbringing,Joining the children choir at the Tender age of 7 and amazingly been admitted into the adult choir just a year later due to her rare voice,it was certain she would go places if she stayed true to her talent.

Having won numerous awards in dancing and singing competitions,she decided to record her first written song "Jesus Party” in 2006,and  later released another single "Your Love” in 2009. She is committed to taking gospel music to a new level.

Gospel city will premier her latest single titled 'WOWOMA' soon.

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