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EXCLUSIVE + NEWS: Da Truth Set to Storm Nigeria this Febuary, the organizer Speaks with Gospel City Naija

This February, the three-time Stellar Awards winner and internationally renowned gospel rapper, Da Truth will be performing in Abuja and Lagos. We held down the man behind the event and had a talk with him.
The event is put together by MADMO Concepts(Abuja) in partnership with Bouqui’s Place (Lagos) and is proudly supported by Gospel City Naija. Here, we bring you the interview in full. Get ready for a special offer for Nigerian gospel artistes coming soon  courtsey Gospel City Naija and the LOVE, HOPE & WAR Concert.

Nice to meet you, sir. For the sake of our readers, tell us briefly about you.

Same here, bro. My name is Mo, some call me pastor Mo while others call me Madmo which is from my company name. I'm an artiste, music producer and promoter and the CEO of madmo Concept Ltd here in Abuja. I personally have 4 albums in the market with several videos amongst which are Lost in Love, Be The Change, Kolebaje and Shine Your Light.

We realize that you are involved in events that bring in some foreign gospel acts into Nigeria. Tell us about this.

Move Tour was the 1st independent international concert by MADMO which featured three-time Stellar Award winner, BDa Truth,Bthe famous Ambassador from the Cross Movement, Sean Simmonds (Xist president) and MOBO Award winner, Jahaziel, from the UK alongside other famous and excellent Nigerian acts. Haven traveled round the world and Africa in the past 6 years, I have shared stage with many international acts like Da truth, Berty Cloete, Vicky Vilakazi, Lionel Person etc…It became a dream in 2010 to expand boarders beyond just ministering and performing to bringing home new generation artiste who haven't graced the shores of our great country but have been to other parts of Africa. So I embraced it and invested into it.

That's impressive. Let's talk about the oncoming one. We got wind that your stables will be bringing in Da Truth this febuary into Nigeria. Tell us about the event.

Yea! Madmo Concepts is bringing Da truth into the country with a concert called ‘LOVE HOPE & War’ but this time unlike the move tour, its partnering Bouqui's Place Entertainment to host it in Lagos on the 9th of February and then Abuja for the 10th of February. This time, coming with the Valentine season,  it’s all about the message of LOVE and HOPE to keep War at bay especially in the times we live in right now in Nigeria.

That's a good one. Aside from Da Truth and obviously B.O.U.Q.U.I, which other artiste(s) should we expect to be on stage?

Lots of artistes! In Abuja, of course, we have Samsong, Asu Ekiye, Thread stone, Solomon Lange, Lady O, Amaray, Sixfootplus, Daps, Chris Morgan, Jay R, and lots more.

Ok. How about in Lagos?
Yea! We’ll be having artist in that region but like I said, Bouqui, my principal partner for Lagos will be working on that detail on that side

So, tell us, what drives you? What's the innate drive that makes you put these events together?
For me, it’s about the change that we so badly need to see happen in this country. Music is the language of the youth. The youths are the power that drives the future. There is so much dirt and darkness all around us every day in the name of music and event. Evil thrives when good people do nothing. We must give excellent alternative to our young people and generation if ever our dreams will see the light of day. To provoke my generation to positive change and transformation using the tool of music and motivation...this is driving force behind me.

Well said. We share this Vision, chief.

Thank you also for partnering with us

We are always open to support God's work...besides, you are doing a great job...we feel inspired by this. In your words, how would you rate gospel music in Nigeria in present time and over the years?

We have come a long way. So much has been done but we have so much more to do. Particularly in the area of proper structuring of the music industry! We need proper packaging of the artistes and their work. Proper Promotions and also artiste delivery! There is need for training. There is also need for proper legality where artistic works and properties are concerned.

Gospel City Naija has a couple of seminars/workshops coming up for gospel artistes in that direction. Considering your pedigree, I think we just found another speaker for this.

It’s very important. We will be holding Da truth, and Tblack (Xist CEO) and me to a workshop on the 12th here in Abuja when they come. I'm always available for this.

It was nice having you in the CiTy Chat Room today. Do u have any last words for the readers of this post?

My last word: Height gives perspective to balance. Like God, when are up you can see yesterday, today, and tomorrow! But you can only achieve height when you MOVE upward like a plane with hard thrust. This is to say that the smallest ACTION you take is greater than the BIGGEST intention you can ever imagine. Be the change you want to see. Thank you

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