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EXCLUSIVE_INTERVIEW : ''Kabi o osi'' crooner, PSALM EBUBE, unveils his 2013 plans to Gospel City Naija

Every gospel artiste worth his or her onion knows how daunting it is to score a hit that will become  a trans-border anthem and go into the realm of all-time sing-along gospel hits.

 It usually comes when they least expect and we’ve heard several artistes tell us how they underestimated the track that eventually became popular.

One of such artistes is Psalm Ebube, the award-winning crooner of a gospel hit song that has already become a timeless classic. The track is called “Ka Bi o osi”. 

We’ve been talking to Mr. Ebube for some time now and finally resolved to have an official interview with him today. He spoke on several things that will interest you. Read on...

He is an uncommon talent in the Nigerian gospel music industry. He is a singer, a writer, and performer who came into limelight with his hit single “EBUBE”. The single received massive airplay on  both local and international TV/radio stations. While we were still enjoying EBUBE, he released another hit song that took nations into a holy frenzy, titled Kabi o osi. We sat him down to talk about this hit as well as other things …

Hello Ebube, Nice to have you here. For the sake of our readers, especially the foreign ones that don't know you, tell us briefly about you.
The name is Samuel Akinyemi. I was born and brought up in Lagos, Nigeria. I read mechanical engineering at Osun State College of technology, Esa-Oke Osun. I am currently an engineer with Reckitt Becnkiser, Nigeria. Psalm Ebube is a gospel artiste with passion to touch the heart of God, bring gospel music back to it's rightful place - music that is well delivered through the help of the Holy spirit.

Now they know. Your hit single, Ka biosi, has obviously opened you up to a desired height in ministry. Tell us about the song

Ka bi o osi... Hmnnnn! Kabio o osi Baba ire ni onise iyanu Dansaki re. We praise you Lord… You are worthy to be praised.... Hhnnnn. What else can I say? It can only be God @ work. Honestly, the song I thought would be a hit from my last album was “Ebube’’, but God deliberately favoured Kabi o osi amongst all.

 This song has gone far. My desire and aim is to hear my songs on the lips of Nations. Kabio osi achieved that, with God. It has become a song that Heaven recognizes.
I featured just Patricia Uwaje King on it at first, but I thought of re-shooting the video so I asked Mike Abdul to come and add some Fuji flavour to it.
All am trying to express in the song is the truism that no one can question God. He choose whom He will have mercy upon. I am so thankful to God for making me a vessel to be used in his Hand. Kabi o osi... Baba!
Anything driven by prophesy shines. That's all I have to say about Kabio o osi.

With the level of success this track has brought, a lot of people will be wondering what you are doing currently or plan to do. Tell us about what they should expect.

They should expect lots... Last year, I dropped the audio album titled Kabi o osi, and now am working on the video album. I am planning to shoot all before February comes in because the video album will drop by Easter.  
People should expect more inspirational songs singles from me this year! I have so many of them so let's keep our fingers crossed. I know that what God has in stock for me is more than I can fathom. So onise iyanu on point.

We got wind of a video shoot you will be having at Daily Times some time soon. Can u tell us about it?

Yeah . Am about to shoot the  video of my song titled Heartfelt Praise. It is the last video from the  Kabi o osi album and will be dropping  before Easter. The video will be directed by Akin Alabi. I  have invited some friends to be on set with me that day.

I’ll have a special cameo appearance by a special guest…I wont reveal the identity of the guest here..People should watch out for this special guest when the video is released.

 Galaxy Tv , Mnet and Cftv, will be coming to cover the making of the video. Delight Steppers Dancers (Lagos) and strictly street Dance(SSD) from Ilorin will be on set with me.

Nice. Gospel City Naija will be there too.

[General laughter]

Alright. Tell us about the awards you've picked since the release of Ka biosi.

Wow!!! [Big Smile]...I’ve gotten gotten 3 awards since the song was released. The album won Best International Album of the Year at the Gospel Music Awards in Italy and at Men of Modercai Awards in Detroit, US. It also won Best Soul/R&B at the NIGERIA GOSPEL MUSIC AWARD (NGMA).

 All glory to God. It  is not really about the awards…it’s about the lives that  have been touched and transformed through the song.

Big thanks to everyone who have supported my music. May God bless all websites, blogs, on-air personalities, as well as everyone  that have hosted and have been playing my songs in both the video and audio formats. And to all that have my CDs as well as pastors who have shown me so much love, I say a big thank you...

It was great having you here..before we round up, do u have any last words for gospel artistes that are still coming up?

They should keep coming up and encourage themselves only in the Lord. I think God wrote that in the Bible because He knows that there will be lots  of discouragement on the way up.No one will encourage you except yourself. David, one of the greatest men ever, encouraged himself in the Lord.

There will be times you will be alone and like the only one seeing your vision. Stick to your vision. Believe in God. Be prayerful. Be hardworking. Please and please, do your own part…rehearse your vocals, arrangement etc. Also, spend quality time in God’s presence to get inspiration for excellent song writing and other blessings that come from being in his presence.

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