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GO GOSPEL + MUSIC : Mtrill - Come Clean

Today, we introduce a new section on Gospel City Naija. It is called "Go Gospel" and features mainstream rappers dropping gospel songs. This is our way of making more tongues proclaim and bless the name of Jesus. For starters, we are featuring Mtrill on this one.

 He is known to have had some breakthrough with his music back in the city of Port Harcourt. His lyrics are largely wholesome and he told us that " I have always had a gospel track on every album I put out.  I have been dropping gospel lines and I'll keep doing it" 
This track is one strong 'alter call' that is bound to mesmerize and pull souls to God. DOWNLOAD HERE


  1. Its a great tune!!! Saw me through so many rough times back in school. Makes me realise there's always a reason to give thanks to God no baby the circumstance we are faced with