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NEWS + EXCLUSIVE : Afrikan J Hosts Gospel City Naija, gets ready for 2013

She got her iNTRO right here on Gospel City Naija last year and has gradually warmed her way into our hearts with her sonorous delivery and relevant song themes. 

Last weekend, we hooked up with her in her palace and had a peep into her world and her 2013. She had just wrapped up an interview with Swag TV and the recording of a song titled "I Believe". 

Within the days we spent with her, AJ (as she is fondly called) proved how versatile and competent she is. All through the weekend, we watched her jostle her roles as a wife, mother, artiste, cook, voice of the women in her community, and perfect hostess. 

She took time to unveil some of her plans for 2013 to us while we went round searching for locations for her oncoming video shoot. "This year, i plan to drop a full video album amongst other projects", she quipped.

Afrikan J has a couple of juicy projects coming up this year and the current icing on the cake is that she is likely going to be the official first lady of Gospel City Naija...We'll give you the news when this happens!

From visiting video locations, we also was part of her rehearsals for the video shoot of her song, "Happy Women" .

"The song is from my current album and celebrates the women folk. The shoot has been scheduled to come up very soon."

Still within the weekend, we were part of her photo session with some Fulani children in their small settling. Photos from this shoot will be made available on Gospel City Naija soon.

"I believe in children...I love and celebrate them. I just recorded a song that was inspired by kids and will be shooting a video for it...", she mused.

Yup!...its 2013 and we implore you to watch out for Afrikan J 'cos she's coming on strong with God's grace in abundance.

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