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EXCLUSIVE : Gospel City Naija Presents " BLESS THE MiC"

Here it is! The much anticipated urban gospel movement from the stables of Gospel City Naija - BLESS THE MiC.

For some time now, we've been talking to gospel rappers in Naija, UK, US, South Africa, Zambia and a few other countries.

  The bane of the discussion has been about a support framework that would encourage urban gospel entertainment at the global stage.

We brought our team together, thought through the lines and resolved to put up BLESS THE BEAT, a platform aimed at encouraging gospel producers across the lands.

 After a rethought, we resolved to unleash a global movement for urban gospel artistes and today, we officially unveil BLESS THE MiC, a movement, a life, a style.

According to our Chief Admin. Officer, Philip Asuquo, " The platform will encourage the sub urban gospel entertainment genre. Gospel City Naija is concerned about the content our youths glean from entertainment thus, we came up with this platform targeted directly at youth ministration. BLESS THE MiC is a divine project. It has features that will keep the genre alive for a lifetime. Today, we are informing the general public and our readers about this platform.

" Soon, we shall kick off officially with series of freestyle sessions, concerts, open mic sessions, documentaries, etc. We shall also have an induction for members of the movement sometime soon.   Already, we have acts from across Africa, Asia, Europe and America getting on it."

BLESS THE MiC is open for rappers, DJs, Beat boxers, producers, comedians, DJs, OAPs etc. To be part of the movement , send a mail to with this subject - "BLESS THE MiC" then indicate what you do and how you want to be part of the platform.

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