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INTERVIEW + EXCLUSIVE : Meet Sophie Fey, The Nigerian-born UK-based Promoter extraordinaire

Sophie Fey...ever since we hooked up with her last year, she has been a sister we've kept close to our bosom. She is one lady whose drive and candor overtly impresses people that know her. 

Sophie Fey is a forward-oriented career lady with a knack for trends. She runs an entertainment promotions company called NEW TRENDS ENTERTAINMENT and she's been able to come up with impressive projects and platform from this stable.She has worked with several celebs from across Africa and runs some annual platforms that bring gospel acts together in the UK.
Here, we did an exclusive interview on her. Read on.

Hello Sophie, good to have you here.We've heard so much about you and NTE. Tell us briefly about you

Thank you. My name is Lola Ajiwo, but I prefer to be addressed as 'Sophie' as affectionately called by my loved ones! Sophie was an ex-banker. The acronym NTE 'New Trends Entertainment, as the name denotes, is an Entertainment coy, based in the UK. This is our fifth year running now to His glory.

Great. So what's the vision for NTE and what have you done so far? Also, how has the experience been like for you in the Uk?

Well, the vision is to promote gospel acts and their music here in the UK and throughout the globe as the Lord permits. But, I do give a wee helping hand to the secular artistes too, as long as the music makes 'sense' to me and is from a Nigerian artiste. NTE is the sole organisers of the live Gospel concert holding in Edinburgh Scotland, tagged Maranatha Christfestival.

Its been a wonderful experience here! anywhere that serves as a home for me is my HOME!.....

Did you encounter challenges when you started out? Considering the fact that you are Nigerian and female

Obviously, nothing good ever comes easy! I did experience some challenges, but as a Christian, we have been told that hard times will come, but we should rejoice that Jesus has conquered the world! As a lady, its a bit tough to be honest. But, I see myself as a man! This is because I take up some risks that I feel like 'God, how am I going to sort this?' but, Lo n behold, I will just see myself on the other side of the fence with a smiling face! When God gives you a vision, its very paramount to go back for a revision! I will say GOD has been Faithful, if I start recalling we not going to finish this session!

We see some of the strides you've been making and its encouraging to see how much work you put in. Tell us about your platforms, events, artistes, etc

I have a yearly event like I mentioned earlier. To promote upcoming PURE Gospel acts regardless of their Genre, denomination or Ethnic background. I have another one coming up this summer, where I will be featuring twelve different artistes. Then I have the Praisefest dedicated to my Church, that Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries.... Being in the Choir, we are expected to evangelise thru our songs ministrations. So, the praisefest is to reach out to people, telling them the goodness of GOD. Which the first ever came up last saturday featuring five different choirs in Edinburgh/ Glasgow.

Tell us about the last Praisefest and the oncoming Maranatha Christfest

As usual God moved! The hall was packed and we all r looking forward to having same experience next year! It was a dream come through. Maranatha Christfest is scheduled for d 6th july, pple r warming up as my mailbox is packed! Featuring twelve acts... I can't explain what's gonna happen!

Tell us about these twelve acts

I have on stage my two ambassadors, Freshtouch and Dolly P, Helen Trop girls, David Conallias and the S.O.N.G (frm Zimbabwe with the Helen girls), Pillar Ayo, Psalmist Ola Gabriel, Clif and Marie, Joy Ibisa, Success Ameh, The Royal Foundlings, Edinburgh mass Choir, Scotland African mass Choir and Maranatha Christfest Choir....

you obviously have worked with a couple of secular and gospel artistes within the years. What would you say has limited the gospel music ministry compared to the secular?

I will say, believing in him who gave them ( the Gospel acts) the vision. Why I said that is bcos, most of them do not have a mind of their own! I have a weekly session called 'pinging hour with ur celebrity' I have brought loadz of artistes (secular n Gospel) en diff questions have bn asked. You discover that most have been through secular music before coming back to Gospel or viz-a-viz! When u ask them, most will say I wasn't known well enough or I wasn't making it! Apparently, I think it has to do with their vision and determination to stand and believe in him that gave them the vision.

So the problem with gospel music ministry is basically the artistes who don't understand their place in God?

Exactly! Just few I will say knows what they really want.... Like Kenny KORE

So, in your words, what advise do you have for artistes and stakeholders in the gospel music ministry?

Deal with GOD n all that concerns him without sentiments! He is not a man that he should lie! If he has called them, definitely, he will order their steps, tell them what to do when they don't know what to do!

We wish u d best in all your endeavors. God bless you

Amennnnnn!Thank u for this great opportunity.


  1. There is surely no limit to your achievement Sophie.Remain focusssed and dedicated as ever, definitely success is certain

    Razaq Ola-kareem

  2. amujo femi Joseph23 February 2013 at 10:36

    Very nice and God fearing woman who diligently serves d lord and strives daily to see that upcoming arts are encouraged and uplifted to bring out their best!Thumbs up!