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EXCLUSIVE + NUPITAL : Arome Rocks set to wed Cleo Angel

Indeed, the management and team of Gospel City Naija gladly informs you of the forthcoming solemnization of holy matrimony between one of our very own, Sir Arome Rocks and the rhythm of his heart, Cleopatra Ile Adachaba.

Slated to wed on the 23nd of March 2013 in Abuja, the couple have been an item for quite some time. They have also been active over the weeks as they go about working on activities that is successfully heralding their eventual solemnization. 

According to a line from Sir Arome, "...I love this woman for so many reasons...". Now, tell us why this shouldn't be a joy to us! It is the Lord's doing and its marvelous in our sight! More details available soon.

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