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NEW _ MUZiK :: Inyene drops 'Jesus I Love You' feat. TB1 & SOLTUNE

Inyene is out with a new song. This time around, he flips his style as he goes all reggae with the assistance of TB1 and Soltune.

Simply titled 'Jesus I Love You', the track is yet another praise track from the stables of this gospel praise machine called Inyene.

TB1 delivers well enough as he delivered his lines nd seemingly sunk the reggae beat with his impressive flow. Soltune also did remarkably well.

This track is obviously the coming together of three men who recognize the place of Christ in their lives. Its an impressive. 

Speaking to Gospel City Naija, Inyene pointed out that "It is a gospel reggae song that reveals the root to our success...the song reveals Jesus as the only way forward..." he quipped. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD