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EXCLUSIVE + INTERVIEW ::: Renowned Hitmaker, Akeem Da Beat, goes Gospel...Speaks to Gospel City Naija about himself and entertainment in PH

We hooked up with Akeem Da Beat. The name clangs bells in your head right? Yeah, he is the man behind some mainstream hit songs that have been commercially successful, especially the ones he did for Timaya.

How come we got him up here in The CiTy? We know you’ve got a couple of questions to ask but hey, we did the asking and got all the answers here for you. 

Oh yes, we had an exclusive interview with Mr. Akeem. He spoke to us about his new status as a ‘strictly gospel’ producer/artiste and a whole lot more about the Port Harcourt music scene. The interview is quite revealing and educating. Lean back, grab a chill  and enjoy this one….

Hello Akeem. Good to have you here in the CiTy...

Yes boss! I hail oh

Na me hail pass *prostrates*

Hahahaha… I dey ‘durbale’ oh. 

[General Laughter]

How your side?

Am doing  great, my brother… Edumare is involved.

Thank God. Didn't know you are in Port Harcourt untill about a week ago…

Serious?  I had wanted to live for Lasgidi but later changed my mind…But PHC can be frustrating sometimes… Here, everything seem to be extra difficult for entertainers and ministers. You do a song and you can't promote it like it should be done because radio stations are so expensive… I’ll come back to this…

Okay. So, for the benefit of our readers, especially the foreign ones, tell us about you...

My Name is Akeem Adeniji  David,  popularly known as Akeem Da Beat . I  am Yoruba and from Ogun state but based in Port Harcourt. I was formally a Muslim but now a Christian. I studied Computer Science in the University. Also, I am happily married with two lovely kids. I am very much into the music. I produce and also sing as well. I am an easy going fellow. Music to me now is ministry, not industry.

We understand that you are behind some of Naija's top secular hits...people will sure be surprised to see you on Gospel City Naija today...

Hummm … I am grateful to God to be opportune to offer my service to Him musically. This should be a source of encouragement to so many out there who want to sing for God but find it hard to take the bold step.

Cool. So, can we comfortably go with the headline "Akeem The Beat Heals with the Beat, Goes Gospel" considering the fact that you have gone gospel?

Yes. Am waiting for God for a new name…But I remain Akeem da Beat. I think I love that ‘heals with the beat’ you added…Nice one.

Thank you.  A lot of people will want to know what led you to this path with Christ. So, tell us about it…
I've always been a church boy

Ok. Someone mentioned that you've always been doing positive music and ones that inspire. It sure won't come as a surprise to people who know that already…But for those who don't know this, they would wanna know what led you to your decision…

I came to understand that I never  had joy doing secular music.  Never found fulfilment doing the secular thing… whenever I did a song, my heart would tell me ‘Guy you don't belong here’, and as a confirmation, people around – some pastors, my wife and my mum - were seriously insisting I do gospel songs.,  I got so many prophecies  from different  ministers letting me know that if I use my talent to praise God my life would not be the same…

So how do you feel now after fully answering the call? 
It feels great. Although I just yielded completely recently and am still in the making , I am quite sure greater exploit lay ahead for me.

Okay. Let’s take a look at entertainment in Port Harcourt. The problem in PH seems to be from the entertainers and stakeholders. The artistes and stakeholders here don’t seem to have good orientation on how things should work as obtained in other places….

Yes, that's true. I agree with you… We lack orientation down here. One major thing we need is the right orientation. We lack it down here. The ones that think they have it are busy getting it wrong.  When you try to help them get it right, they see you in the light of an enemy.

Everyone seems to want to outshine each other around here…
 Yeah…That’s the case. 

That's ‘wack’ cos we all need one another.
Very very wack. The spirit of love and unity is what we need to move forward. 

We agree with you on that…Port Harcourt minsters/entertainers and the stakeholders (DJs, OAPs, bloggers, marketers, record label executives etc) need to understand the importance everyone has and d roles/responsibilities they all got to play here for collective success…

Yes, that true, bro. There can’t be ideal growth if this continues. We seriously can't grow like this. Until we start thinking and doing things right, noting really good will happen around here. Been doing my part from my little corner.

Okay. I guess it’s about time we all bring our ‘corners’ together so that we can form  one strong block …
Yes to that. 

PH is the New York of the south…vis a vis the entertainment capital of southern Nigeria…
Yesssss oh. We come dey do like say we be the Somalia of the South…. We need to discover our potentials as a collective against the ‘try and fail’ individuality that has plagued us. Am ready for change.

A lot of other artistes I’ve met around here are ready too. So I guess the time for change is here. We will do our part in Gospel City Naija…
Great. I am ready to be a part of that, anytime.

Okay. Is there anything you'd like the world to know about you presently?

Yap. I am just a human like anyone out there but it’s the spirit of God in me that makes the difference…

Great. Are there any prospects/projects oncoming from ur camp that we all shud look out for?

Yeah. There are a lot coming. They will be unveiled as the spirit leads. However, I have a gospel dancehall track coming. It is titled ‘Iche Oluwa Laye Me’. It simply means ‘The work of God in my life’. It’s a thanksgiving song…watch out for it.

We will get to premiere it here on Gospel City Naija.  Finally, what do you have to say to your contemporaries?

 Don’t give up on your dreams. Stay focused and be sincere. Give your best. Love what you are doing and not the money. Be humble. Serve God in truth and in spirit.

Okay. It’s a wrap. It was good to have you here. May God bring you into fullness in Him and increase you in His glory. 

Amen. May God's anointing upon your life never dry and may you find His Grace in your life and your endeavours.

***Anticipate that hot gospel dancehall track coming from Akeem De Beat on Gospel City Naija***


  1. Wow Akeem Da Beat, welcome to the Family. Gospel City Naija. Its awesome working with you. in all ramification you are the best. thank you for your good work in the city Ph. i love you Sir.