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AUTO iNTRO+ NEW MUSIC ::: JESSE - Loosing Balance

We got a beep from a Zambian DJ who hinted us that we ought to hear out a track from one of his own. We did and resolved to bring it out to the city today for you.
His name Jesse and today he premieres a track called “Loosing Balance”. The track talks about young girls who lose a footing and avert God’s blessings. It also explores other angles in a rather inspired approach. 

Today, we deemed it apt to not only premiere his new song but to give him a license to introduce himself to you. This kicks of our AUTO iNTRO segment and we are glad it starts with him.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONG


I was born and raised in Kitwe(Zambia), the first born in a family of three Children. Both mom and dad are pastors and dad being senior pastor of the ministry always put pressure on me as a boy growing up because I always felt I was expected to behave a certain way. I grew up with a love for books, in particular black history. My dad also made me fall in love with Jewish history and its gotten deeper as I grow older.

 My love for music begun when I was 11, me and a friend of mine would take beats off video game discs and record ourselves rapping on the tapes off the stereo. I ruined a lot of dads tapes doing that but he didn't notice lol. My love for music was drowned a little by art then soccer which started getting me recognition but then when I enrolled college I couldn't carry on with my soccer dream so I found myself falling in love with the rhyme books again and just like in high school I spent most of my time writing my own lyrics to songs be it hip-hop, rock or RnB. 

I was also into online rap battles and was making good rounds battling with emcees on a global scale. In 2010 my hommie A-Wax who I had started music with was doing a bit of work as far as Hip-Hop is concerned and he introduced me to his producer at the time Tony Breezy. We hit it off immediately and I started recording with the guys.

Early the following year my mom visited me in school and told me she wasn't comfortable with me doing secular, something about that conversation told me not to waste anymore time and so I took the step of telling my boys about how I had rededicated my life to christ and how I intended to use my art to Gods glory. Since that time I have been blessed with so many platforms not only to share music but also to share the word of God with so many young people and Jesus is still working on me and perfecting me as a vessel through daily renewal. 

As far as the music goes I love telling stories, I believe its not just good for the sake of music but also tradition. I also love poetry so I usually seek to strike a balance between the poetic side and the musical side. There's so much to do in so little time and I believe time can be multiplied by doing what makes your heart smile, what must be grasped though is that we should never do it at the expense of our faith.

Loosing balance is originally a track by J.Cole, Jesse being a lover of good art saw it as an opportunity to speak to young women from a Christ centered perspective. He tells the story of a lady growing up in a crazy city and keeps it real portraying what we can all identify in the lives of most of today's young women. Adding a melodic and poetic touch its definitely a message that must be shared by all.

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  1. Great staff my guy keep it Jesus and may God keep using you in the perfect way he made you.

  2. God can't be explained appropriately,but He can be experienced. Keep keeping it Jesus.

  3. Awesome !! I got a lil carried away whilst reading.. When u find somethin u really good at,and actually love doing it,its a kind of satisfaction that can't be explained and shouldn't be missed... And that quick decision u made in response to your mum's opinion,is something she's obviously very proud of.. Keep on keeping on!! Big hug

  4. G.O.D-God all day. 12plus the movement.. Cee Jay

  5. Its all in Jesus' name,God is alsways working through your pen and writing pad. Keep up the art n creativity n always Jesus oriented.#Grace

  6. I like,am inspired boi,am a fan big tym.Keep pressing on to the mark of the high calling bro

  7. My Boi CJ big up son!!Keep doing what your doing and you will suerly rip the rewards!God Bless