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CITY LIGHTS + EXCLUSIVE ::: Meet Goldberg, Port Harcourt's Undisputed Gospel Rap Champ

Here’s a tip off – The Port Harcourt based gospel rapper called Goldberg is set to be the next gospel rap phenomenon. He is another gospel rapper from Christ embassy and joins the likes of TB1, RackyD, Mr Nat, TruSouth etc to represent the gospel through urban music.

Now, take a good look at the accompanying picture of this post. The young man you find on it looks demure, calm and unruffled. When you meet him one-on-one, he is all what we just described him with but underneath this look lurks a gospel rap champ.

Yes, we said it. Goldberg is Port Harcourt's gospel rap champ set to take the gospel to the world stage in superbly delivered  urban-locked flows. Today, he takes the City Chimes as we give him an iNTRO right here and now. Hey, we got some extra info you sure didnt know about him. Check it all out.

Born Gift Dede Nyeche, Goldberg is an amiable and very versatile gospel rapper who chose and has stuck to spreading the gospel of Christ and ministering God’s divine glory through rap. He was born into a family of four and has been a favorite to his mom, sisters and extended family . Being the last of his mother's children, he easily slipped into that 'favorite' toga that last-borns are known to enjoy.

This young rapper hails from Ogbum-nu-Abali community in Port Harcourt, Rivers state and holds a degree in Medical Microbiology Technology from  the University of Port Harcout. Yes, that’s right…He is an intellectually vibrant degree holder and a gospel rap spitter.

He fell in love with music at  tender age of eight and had a muse with musical instruments. This made him learn how to play the drums and keyboard with his childhood friend Shedrack( now CEO of SDK Records).

 His musical skills was impressive and this led to his being picked to join the adult choir in his local church at the age of 10, thus  becoming the youngest member of the choir. This, was an indication that he was cut for music amongst every other skill endowed on him by God Almighty.

No, he wasn't rapping in the choir. As you can see, he started out as a singer before he found and fell in love with rap. His love for rap music started in early 2000 when he was in high school as he confessed to flowing almost all lyrics he came in contact with. Quite another obsession after the one he had with musical instruments.

In 2005, he admitted to have fallen in love with twista's 'hopeful" ft faith evans which is believed to have inspired his unique kind of rap. For those whp havent heard him,one very remarkable about Goldberg’s music ministry is his shutter-rap style. The rapper tongue-twists in a way that gets his listeners entrapped in an elating feeling of euphoria. He is blessed with versatile dexterity in rap and deep song-writing ability making him a wonder-dude of sorts

Goldberg kicked off his gospel rap ministry while in the university and was regarded as one of the top rappers in school. He also picked up some awards and recognition in this regard. Despite the odds and challenges doing gospel rap in a university environment could bring, this brother stuck to his bible and made sure every line that came out of his mouth and into the microphone was drenched in the gospel.
After graduation, he continued in the line he toed from school. He is a much loved musical prodigy in the Believers' Love World aka Christ Embassy; PH Zone 2 where he ministers with the choir and as a rapper. His enigmatic, sleek, pacy but yet very coherent flows portends a unique tilt for this gospel rap buff  and this endears him to members of the ministry and his ever-growing fan base in the city of Port Harcourt and beyond.

In Jan 2013, he was awarded for his outstanding song writing by the Love World Music ministry, PH zone 2, and has been a recipient of other outstanding awards.

Goldbergy-bergy, as he's fondly called, has graced platforms of musical concerts in PH like the CEPH Xmas Carol Concert 2012 with Ada and Delight, Ebiere's Pot of Gold album tour, Gospel City Naija's Bless Tha Mic Rap cypher, RAP DIFFERS, Swag TV Street Dance, and several others within and out of church.

His passion for the gospel, coupled wt his strength and quality of delivery has earned him coveted spot wt massive rave reviews on the southern African sponsored int'l gospel music channel- One gospel. He runs a team of well groomed gospel rappers called the RapZody in PH.

His mentors are Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Amaechi Udeaku and Pastor Emeka Eze. His most admired gospel legends are Kirk Franklyn, Da Truth, Eddy J, Lecrae and D.O.P.E.

He was announced to have been taken into the DBR family which is owned by a renowned PH gospel rapper called D.O.P.E. He is also currently with the management of one of gospel entertainment's rising branding and management power house.

Goldberg has worked with several artistes including; Ebiere, Marcus-E, Centric, Delight, Akeem d beat, Eddy J, Hollaboi, Uchman, OC, D.O.P.E, Preye, etc.

One part of Goldberg a lot of people don't know is that he was once an active pugilist. Yes, the young demure gospel rapper used to box along the lines of Mohammed Ali but now punch lines only for Christ and the glory of God.
Indeed, he is PH City's undisputed gospel rap Champ set for the world stage.Now you know the Bergy, get ready for his sound.

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  1. Life is spiritual and you can be what you want to be.Enjoy Goldberg the sky can never be your limit.

  2. Nice onev bro, God bless

  3. Goldbergy-Bergy...Rule your World.

  4. I believe u can be more...ur first flow I heard was s bless da mic and u simply made d hard strugle simple...u are good.

  5. CEO of SDK RECORDZ28 July 2013 at 08:04

    I believe so much in you my bro.. You remain my number one rapper anyday, anytime, anywhere.. Keep the light on man!! Respect large+ 1love.. SDK on diz man

  6. Dats my bro bergy-bergy! He spits cleaner dan all d rappaz I've seen in dis part of d world. Met him abt2yrs ago in his finals in collage. Dis guy is honestly a "must-hear". Love u Bro. God bless u.

  7. Nice 1. More greeze 2 ur able Dede. C u at d top. Gloria(Sis)

  8. U are indeed a blessing to our generation. I've been proud of you and will always be proud of you because you are a rare gem and the best so long as gospel rap is concerned. Am blessed to have known u and I pray that God will inspire u the more and take you to a greater height. U rock!..........stephanie

  9. tatz nice..khip it up! am of it kind____Josh SIRmentor

  10. nice one brova...kip pumping spirit lyrics to da stritz.....gimme ur bb pin and fb acct pls


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