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CITY LIGHTS + iNTRO ::::: Meet Uchay Davis, God’s Relentless Quintessential Gentleman

Last week, we came in contact with one amazing gospeller whom we find so compelling due to the gifts God bestowed on him and his indefatigable desire to retain the Spirit of God in himself and all he does.

His name is Uchay Davis and believe us, this artistes knows a lot more about true worship and true music ministry. Sitting throufh two sessions with him, it became evident that Uchay seeks God’s will over everything else.
He is an astounding singer and a multi-instrumentalist. When this young man gets in the mood to worship God via his ministrations, he does so in Spirit and in Truth.

Today, we introduce you to Uchay Davis. Gospel City Naija on set during his Photo session and what we saw on the pictures is no different from the man we saw in flesh. Uchay is a quintessential gentleman of the gospel, no pretence.

Uchenna Davis Azubuike is  a graduate of Mechanical engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and hails from Abia State. Uchay discovered his ministry as a praise and worship leader in school and has served as a choir Director in his fellowship. He is currently a member of  Christ Embassy. Yes, yet another great voice from the Believers Love World.

He started out playing drums  till two of his friends inspired him into singing. He developed so much passion for his music since and has worked hard at getting better. Obviously, the hard work put in is paying off. He often says 'I am the best' because he believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Speaking to us, he explained that he says this because he believes he must be the best that God wants him to be in all he does.

This young amiable man served his nation in Bonny Island, Rivers State, and it was during his service year that he entered for a singing competition which had a record deal and some other attractive perks attached to its grand prize.

He was doing quite well through the stages of the competition and this gave him quite a following. However, on the week of the grand finale, he had a fatal accident which almost took his life. As God would have it, he survived it. Amazingly, with the patches on his body, the wounds and bruises, he still went for the grand finale, sang and won the grand prize. Now, tell us that aint relentless!

After that victory amidst the seeming tragedy, he got serious in the studio and eventually released his debut album titled 'Standing Tall'. This album was released despite the challenges he faced and he gave it that name because, with the grace of God, he stood tall against the odds that tried to stop the project.
 He once asserted that ‘I’m Standing Tall because I’ve learnt so much from other artistes and I’ve picked the salient parts and added them to my own ingenuity, that's why I’m Standing Tall”.
Uchay never says never. He is unremitting and dogged. He doesn’t throw in the towel on his convictions. And yes, his convictions are anchored on God. His whole essence is for the will of God and we are glad he has the Spirit of God in him. 

Beyond music, Uchay is  a Mechanical Engineer. He is a trained Piping engineer and an expert in AutoCad and Plant Design Management System Software (PDMS). With all these academic qualifications and professional expertise, he says being a gospel music minister is a greater part of him. His heart is deeply in singing God’s praises and worshipping his Maker.

Uchay’s musical style is quite impressive. He has a thing with mixing urban contemporary music with a fusion of African and folk music. What comes out as a product of this fusion is a perfect blend of music that jumps at you with cultural undertones but relevant enough to thrill you with its urban contemporary appeal. In other words, what you get is a stroke of maestro. Indeed, a master piece.

Uchay believes so much in preaching the gospel through music and using music to make men experience God in Spirit and in all its truth.  Two of his singles are currently on air and will be premiered right here on Gospel City Naija as well as other blogs and sites.

With this said, we warmly welcome you to the music ministry of yet another scion of God, Mr. Uchay Davis…The unrelenting quintessential gentleman of the gospel.

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  1. So good 2 see u made it Uchay. His grace is sufficient 4 u.

  2. Emmmm...nice...i can relate to all dat PERSONALLY...

  3. Wow...great..proud of you SON

  4. That's great. You've not seen anything yet. Watch out world, Uchay is HERE!

  5. A̶̲̥̅♏ happy 4 U̶̲̥̅̊ dear...U̶̲̥̅̊'v got d voice nd d right attitude....God's Speed darl! D sky is Чuя stepping stone.

  6. Explicit if I may say, his a grate singer!

  7. Standing tall is only ur stepping stone...God is about to take u to greater heights,stand wit Him!

  8. Wonderful man of God...keep moving forward.

  9. Nice one,bro.God is really taking u places.Keep standing tall!

  10. dublin-green tonye23 July 2013 at 01:22

    U shall keep standing tall above ur enemies

  11. Uchay this į̸̸̨§ it,just keep standing tall cos you have wat it takes to the this... God bless U̶̲̥̅̊я ministry

  12. Uchay davies, u to much. I'm in luv wit dat track tamuno