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EXCLUSIVE + PREMIERE ::: Theodora "The King's Daughter" Premieres Hit Single "Ko Si Soro"

Obviously, this is one of the most anticipated premieres on Gospel City Naija. Its from a gospeller we chose to call "The King's daughter".

Her name is Theodora and she is one remarkable gospel music artiste that puts in much to ensure that what comes out is impressive. 

Here, we premiere the much anticipated 'Ko Si Soro' track from her and its a tune you sure will enjoy. The track's production was started off in Nigeria by OJB  and finished up in Malaysia by Dare David.

Theodora impressively delivers on this one. This is what she said to music lovers about the song..."expect to catch the 'Ko si Isoro' fever. They will want to listen to it over and over again and every single time, it will teach them something new..." So, here it is for you today..Download & enjoy...CLICK HERE TO GET SONG

Theodora Ifedunke , simply called Dora by her family and friends, is a singer, songwriter, model, dancer and motivational speaker. When she was 8years old, she could always be seen around her home singing into a hairbrush and belting songs from Sound of Music, Grease and most Walt Disney animated classics of the time to the delight of all the kids in her neighbourhood.

 “I remember thinking to myself – I want to sing exactly like Julie Andrews” she said “she was one of my first music influences”. Since then she has continued to grow from strength to strength. A very energetic and enterprising young lady she favours Gospel/Soul/R & B music genres but is a lover of all kind of music.

Theodora was very much involved in singing as well as dancing competitions/activities all through her high school and college years. She then set up her dance group (The King's Daughters), music group (TIEM) performing with the members all across major cities in Nigeria.

This impressively trained gospeller has climbed through the rungs of proffessional music making within and outside the shores of Nigeria. She has also gone on to become a 'relatively advantaged' gospel music minister.

Based in Ibadan, she traverses the west and beyond and gets on platforms that give a pulsating buzz to her ministry. Thedaora clearly understands what music should sound like and is one of the very few artistes that have good ears, hands and voice for music.
She has shared the stage with other notable artistes like Mike Aremu, Inifnty, Gbenga Adenuga, Modele, Rooftop MCs amongst others. She is currently working on her debut album – Stay with Me having just completed her program in Sound and Music Design at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia.

Her latest single is titled 'Ko si Isoro' and loosely translated in English means 'No more Troubles'. It is making a great buzz across the African continent, establishing Theodora as an artiste who is worth reckoning with.

Theodora often recites the quote “Music is the universal language of Mankind” and that is what I strive to achieve with my music, to make the average Jane or Joe feel much better after listening to any one of my songs, one note at a time".


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