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GUEST BLOGGER ::: 5 Christian Hip Hop Songs The World Needs To Hear

 We've heard a lot of people doubt the credibilty of gospel rap music.

In as much as they kick against the genre, most of them say they dont hear what is being said 'cos they cant comprehend the fast pace of most rappers.

Well, this post saves two purposes,1) It preaches the gospel through 5 songs to the world and 2) It gives people a clear view of what the rappers delivered.

This post was gotten from our friend and brother, Thomas, of Urban & Gospel. Read along and enjoy...

 5 Christian Hip Hop Songs The World Needs To Hear
By Thomas (Urban & Gospel)

Being a spoken word artist, songwriter and ghostwriter I have always been intrigued by words and more so the poetic side of using words. I often find myself drawn in to the lyrics as opposed to the general sound of a song (i.e, the production, flow etc). With that said, I have drawn up a list of my top 5 favourite Christian hip hop lyrics. In no particular order…
Dee Black – Hello, Goodbye (Listen)

Dee Black is one talented Christian hip hop artist and lyricist. His writing is very unique and stands out and sets itself apart from many other christian artists around. I have been a fan of Dee Black’s music for a little while now, and recently I was blessed to receive his new album which features the song Hello, Goodbye. The song itself has an interesting subject choice, of comparing the things we allow in to and remove from our lives.
                                                                        THE LYRICS
You can see it clear, i’m on my Jesus mission
so goodbye to the way I used to think
goodbye to the smoke and say goodbye to the drink
hello to inspiration, say goodbye to the ink
no pad needed, no pen either
goodbye to the past, hello future nice to meet ya
hello positive, the negative it gotta go
say goodbye!
goodbye fear, hello faith
hello Joy, goodbye hate
hello real, goodbye fake
goodbye mediocre, hello great

Da Truth – J.I.F.E (Listen)

Love, Hope and War was the new album from Da Truth for 2013. I purchased it as soon as it dropped and it has became my one of my favourite albums. J.I.F.E, or Jesus Is For Everybody is a song taken from Love, Hope and War. The lyrics in this song are a great example of Truth’s transparency, he doesn’t hold anything back but yet tells it exactly how it is, and the message Jesus Is For Everybody is truly an uplifting and positive message to push.
                                                                      THE LYRICS     
I open up my eyes to the Church and I see
them automatic weapons and they aiming at me
They say I’m preachin to the choir, people dying in the streets
you’d be preaching to them too if you’ve seen them lately
no doubt is in my mind it’s making perfect sense
Am I doing something wrong talking to the saints?
I’m just giving them my all, and I’m in my own skin
while I’m building up the body walking in His grace
but while I’m talking to the Church I hope they over hear
we want to the whole world to know we over here
I’m talk-talk-talking from the lawyers and the doctors
to the corners with choppers to the homies in the barber chair
my whole career
Marlon Vincent – Notice Him (Listen)

Marlon Vincent is among my top 10 Christian hip hop artists. His lyrics are very well wrote and you can really feel what he is saying, the emotional connection to what he is writing is clearly evident and it definitely comes through in his music. Notice Him is transparent! Marlon lays his life down in his music and for Christ without compromise. This is how you write! wow.

                                                                      THE LYRICS         
Took me forever just to get here
Truth be told
Lord knows I live life with no fear
I continue chasing till I make it past my pinnacle flipping from Christian religion reciprocals I am individual
Who struggle everyday to stay humble
I’m on my knees with my head low
But still I still struggle
So when you look inside my eyes I pray I vanish and you see the Christ inside me see I’m just a broken canvas how to manage
When everyone is calling out your name
And all you want to do is fade away in Jesus grace
I don’t know what it means to be successful
All I know is in Jesus’ hand I feel protected
By the very same I loved
But I hold no grudge inside my heart you always fit just like a glove
I cried so many nights this pain became habitual spiritual rituals typical criminal so pitiful see
I tend to sin against the one I need
You say I’m lyrical a miracle I even breath!

Lecrae Ft. Anthony Evans - Boasting (Listen)

This song is definitely a favourite of mine. The lyrics are heart felt and pour out praise and love to God. The chorus, sung by Anthony Evans also captures the emotional vibe of the song and yes, the lyrics again are structured and crafted in such a great way that as the listener and child of God you cannot help but feel emotionally connected with.
                                                                        THE LYRICS    
With every breath I take, with every heart beat
Sunrise and the moon lights in the dark street
Every glance, every dance, every note of a song
It’s all a gift undeserved that I shouldn’t have known
Every day that I lie, every moment I covet
I’m deserving to die, I’m just earning your judgment
I, without the cross there’s only condemnation
If Jesus wasn’t executed there’s no celebration
So in times that are good, in times that are bad
For any times that I’ve had it all I will be glad
And I will boast in the cross. I’ll boast in my pains
I will boast in the sunshine, boast in His reign
What’s my life if it’s not praising you?
Another dollar in my bank account of vain pursuit
I do not count my life as any value or precious at all
Let me finish my race, let me answer my call

Bizzle – Dear Hip Hop (Listen)

Dear Hip Hop is a song which Bizzle wrote a little while ago but only recently released. When it dropped, the song received plenty of positive reviews and rightly so. The song brings both being Christian and hip hop together, it really sums up what many Christian hip hop artists and  listeners have experienced in their lives – being influenced by the lyrics of secular hip hop. It’s a deep song and is much needed in addressing issues within the hip hop culture.

                                                                     THE LYRICS     
Dear Hip Hop, I met my real father
He said He loved me and He missed me and I’m not forgotten
He left me tons of messages but I must not of got them
I guess you must of lost them, but anyway I found them
when I was just a youngin’ you told me daddy left
I ran and checked, it says He’s always been at that address
He said it’s me who left Him, He just respected my choice
You showed me candy and toys and I was just a boy
He told me wait for sex, but we aint wanna wait
now it’s abortions and broken homes plus a bunch of aids
He told me to love my women, protect and provide,
you told me if I love her, do it for only a night
He said if you love her than wife her and go in for life like a lifer
and man up and make sure your family tight
I’ll never with-hold good from you but it has to be right,
and if it aint then you might have to wait until after this life
He said to speak up when you see injustice
it’s thinking you weak when you speak on evil that leads to what the streets are becoming
He told me our children were innocent
you teach them a sexual dances we tape it and place it on the internet
He told me love my brother, almost like what you said
but you said if he looked at me wrong I can bust his head
He said His Son is over everything, you either serve God or money
you told me it’s money over everything!


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  1. Nice one #all the lyrics... I love it... Its spiritual..its electrifying. Constructive & cretive....@bobbyfriga

  2. Yeah, Christianity and hip-hop are coming together for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel. I've been in love with Christian hip-hop for a while now, ain't no stopping! :) I always say that there's a lot that is preached on 16 or 32 bars. I love Lecrae's song Boasting, got it on my fave playlist. Thumbs up for this piece!