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Alright... If we pop the question, we are sure a lot of hands will go up in response. Well, this is quite an issue so we will just let our guest blogger muse over it and drop his views.

Should Christians wear Jeans with chains hanging loose? Ear studs (earrings) for males? Flashy colorful gears? Is there really a DRESS CODE for Christians?

A lot of people have been shouted down and their faith questioned due to their dress code. Is there really a limit/restriction to what Christians should wear?

Obviously, we have more questions than answers. The Christian dress code debate is on and, like we said, our guest blogger takes up the issue and makes an attempt to throw some light on it. You are welcome to send your views to us on this (mail to or simply comment after reading through.

The Christian “DRESS-CODE”

It’s funny. A classmate of mine once walked up to me and told me that on first sight he did not think I was a Christian; he thought I was just in the middle. To say I was shocked was an understatement. On further probing he said I should wear longer skirts, corporate-looking shirts, and small earrings (not that I go big all the time) and am like “what!” I don’t expose my body and I dress well but then I had to consider that he has a different personality from mine and a different perception on what dressing godly is.

No offense to him, but the thing is that a lot of Christian have a perception of what Christian dressing should be, some people say that you have to wear a particular style of hair, not use makeup, not be classy so people don’t get carried away with your dress instead of God (especially people in church), for a guy you have to wear cheap stuff to prove you are a Christian or wear mismatched colours probably to prove that you are not concerned with the “things of this world” that you are so focused on God that you don’t have time to dress well.

I’ve never fully understood it because the God I know from scriptures makes all things beautiful, how then can you serve a God that’s beautiful and orderly, the best sculptor ever, maker of amazing colours, hues and look otherwise because you are trying to be spiritual. A lot of Christians complain about the fact that looking good is expensive but trust me you don’t need lots of money to be good looking and neat.

Your dressing shows your personality and should be good enough to show the God you serve, so when dressing up keep that in mind. If you like being classy, be classy in moderation (make up and accessories inclusive); if you can’t be classy be good looking in moderation.

Now don’t, in an attempt to leave one extreme, run to another. The New Testament teaches us to let our moderation be known to all men. As a child of God, you are prohibited from joining the bandwagon to be “sexy”. As a child of God, if your dressing induces thoughts of sex in a person then you are wrong.

The conclusion of the whole matter is that serving God is not an excuse not to dress well, for people with reserved personalities don’t make others feel they have to be like you to be Christian .However you choose to express yourself in dressing, your watchword must be moderation.

Besides we have the Holy Spirit that teaches us all things, let him teach you the way he wants you to look.

You might find this scripture very interesting – Ezekiel 16:9-13. It speaks about how God ‘dressed’ up his bride, Israel. Probably, if God himself were to dress up a young lady in your fellowship, some of the ‘Pharisees’ in the fellowship will doubt the moral state of the lady and the God that dressed her up.


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