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GUEST BLOGGER + TIPS ::: How To Improve Your Stage Presence

When the curtains open up and reveal you standing with a mic in hand, perspiring maybe from tension or concealed maestro strokes that is about to be unveiled, do you have what it takes to move the crowd?

 Okay, lets take a contemporary scenario. Your name just got called to get on stage...the crowd is anticipating your performance...

A few friends sit in the pew anxious to see you transform from the regular Jane or Joe they think you are...Are you anxious? Will you give a performance that will wow them or elicit their concealed disappointment? 
 To have a good performance, you need to have good stage craft. Here, our guest blogger got some tips for you that will help improve your stage presence. 
VOICE MANAGER: How do I Improve Stage Presence?
By Emeka Phrancis

Just standing and singing well on stage will rarely keep your audience engaged and interested in your performance. Here are some tips to help you play a great show.


1. Love the songs you sing:
    It is said that music can be defined as an ACT which means it can be liking to an actor who needs to key into the role given perfectly in order to pass the message correctly. Same with singing, If you do not have your heart and soul in a song you will come off as fake . Even if it's a cover, try to relate to the lyrics and the feeling as much as possible. Take some acting classes if you feel you have trouble with your expressions or emotions.

2. Smile as much as you can:

    Let your audience see you are having a great time, and the effect will rub off on them. This doesn't mean you can't change up the feel for different songs, it just means you shouldn't look serious the whole time you are performing.

3. Move around:
    If you constantly move, even just a little bit, your motion will attract the audience's eyes. Look up some of your favourite artistes to see what they do on stage.

4. Learn moves from your role Models:
   No one and I mean no one is going to fault you if you take some pointers from well-known singers. Don't copy one person, and don't copy their whole routine. Take the bits that you enjoy the most and make them your own. Eventually, after seeing how comfortable they are doing "crazy" stuff on stage, you'll feel more comfortable in your body doing your own stage moves.

5. Learn to use facial expressions and poses to go with the emotions.
Be careful not to tighten your throat or do other actions that would inhibit good vocal technique.

6. Talk to your audience. If you involve the audience, they will be forced to pay attention. Some big shots use to sing a line, then make the audience sing it back. Get the audience in on the songs.

7. If you play an instrument too (while singing), such as guitar or bass, and cannot move that much, use facial expressions or your arms and hands the most you can to make the crowd follow you and have a good vibe. A good "Come On!" followed by gestures will get the crowd going.

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