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iNTRO ::: Meet Kingdom University, The 'Gospel Swag' Institute

Today, we introduce you to a remarkable  group of youungsters with ambition drenched in the expansion of God's Kingdom through music and beyond. We call them the Institute of Gospel Swag. They chose to call themselves Kingdom University and yes, there is reason for that.

Its a movement, its a  lifestyle, its an institute for the display and manifestation of God's knowledge, its a group of young, fly, saved and very gifted gospel artistes. Oh, you thought there aint swag in the gospel? Go ahead and check out these amazing holy music luminaries.

Kingdom University is a movement of young men and women combining their gifts and talents together to direct heir passion to change the community around them. The core of the foundation started with 5 people; Myk-o, G.T, C.G, Phillip Hart, and Jae Bishop.

They are a diverse group of Solo artist who have combined their passions to be obedient to the call and heart of God. Kingdom University musically sounds like Jay-z’s Rockefella and Lil Wayne’s young money coming together to clash their edge in business and spark of creativity to impact the community for the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom University will be dropping 3 albums over the span of the next 5 years. The self-titled debut of this trilogy is being released in its first part as a Benefit CD; which is being digitally released for free. 

Kingdom University is presenting Myk-o to the forefront to headline this benefit mix tape and give everyone a taste of what this movement is about. “This benefit CD is the trademark of who we are and what we are about; it is a mass call to action which serves the purpose of identifying people who are just like us so we can ultimately connect together and address the issues in the community.”

• Kingdom University wants to build a model that will support homeless young adults.

• Teach the Kingdom principles within the school system to address the hook-up culture.

• Equip other churches and campus ministries alike to spread out and be the Salt and the Light of the World.

• Most importantly leaving a long lasting structure and organization after the pioneers. A system that will work to address these societal issues even after they are gone. Is the most important thing.

Kingdom University has chosen music as the vehicle to redirect passion into these tangible goals. Connect with us. You don’t have to write music to get involved; all we need is your passion, your heart, and your hands. The future of this new and next generation depends on how we respond to the High calling of God.


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