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MOVIE REVIEW ::: Deitrick Haddon's "A Beautiful Soul" Movie Review + Trailer

Yes, its a movie...Yes it stars Deitrick Haddon. We bet a lot of people didn't hear about this movie, huh? Well, today, we run a review on it and give you a piece of its trailer right here.

The movie was released last year and not much seem top have been done towards its hype...Probably why a lot of people never got to hear about it or watch it.

Deitrick Haddon's venture into movies is commendable. We got a hold on it and thought it apt to bring this gist out here to the CiTy.

Oh yes, we got a review for it. We'd like to see more gospel artistes take his cue and fill our movie racks with faith-based flicks. Whats more, we'd love to see one from a Nigerian gospel artiste...Frank Edwards, Midknight Crew, Afy Douglas...Can we get a witness up in here? ***grins****

The faith-based drama A Beautiful Soul comes across as rather an odd and contrived performance, in my opinion of the lead actor -Deitrick Haddon’s sophomore project.

Although this flick isn't as enthralling as the DH's debut project “Blessed & Cursed”: yet it manages to convey pivotal life lessons to the audience.

This oneiric drama attempts to drive home irreplaceable truths surrounding the ominous implications of under-estimating the power of fame! 

A Beautiful Soul chronicles the life of R&B superstar ANDRE STEPHENS (Deitrick Haddon) whose humble rise strikes the right chord with success, fame and fortune but grew oblivious of his spiritual life direction cruising a million miles away unto wanton disrepute. This disenchantment and insensitivity would later come to haunt him and his best friend CHRIS JOHNSON (Robert Ri’chard) after their motorcade got attacked.

Locked helplessly in a state of coma, Andre must inevitably take a lecture in the school of Divine Encounter. This self-centred headliner was given the opportunity to re-evaluate his fate, fame, and his faith. This is one stringent combination that needs be looked at from Heaven’s perspective more closely, although most humans will always view it differently.

Fame, being Pride’s most lethal weapon of choice is known to warp its way surreptitiously into the cranial control-room of its victims. It then feeds on the larger-than-life fantasies (both our inexperience & experiences alike) like a blood-sucking leech with only one clear mission: To disable its victim's sensibilities from functioning optimally! 

A Beautiful Soul features a host of familiar faces both within the faith community and the mainstream alike; the likes of Deitrick Haddon himself, Lesley-Ann Brandt, veteran Harry Lennix, Barry Floyd, Trevor Jackson, Robert Ri’chard, and amongst others was a cameo from Bishop Noel Jones.


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