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URBAN + MUSIC ::: Zambia's Revered Rapvangelist, Luke9ine, drops FREE Online Mixtape

Luke9ine is one gospel rapper we strongly endorse right here in Gospel City Naija. We premiered a song from him some time last year and another one from some months back.

His music is quite impressive as he delivers bars that will expand your mind frame and throw some soul -stirring messages into you.

He sent us a complete mixtape to share with you and we are feeling so generous today as always. The mixtape is titled "ABSTRACTION" and was recently premiered online. Here, we give you the download link to it. Hit the download and enjoy each track with a desire for the next.

 LuKE9ine (whose real name is Lukonde Mwila) is a young rapper from Lusaka, Zambia currently based in South Africa.

As a young boy in high school, his rap interest went from 50 cent, Eminem, Kanye West to almost any raw rap he could get a hold of.

He blended in with many that shared the same love for hip hop and eventually came to know people who didn’t just listen to it, but also made it. As a senior in high school, guidance came from fellow peers and that of a local Church that played a key role in him making the decision to follow Jesus.

 He soon felt the urge to be in the mix of praising the Lord through rap music. After being inspired by a friend and other rap groups like 116 clique, Cross Movement, KJ-52 and many more, he made the personal decision to pursue the journey of recording rap music that glorifies the Lord.

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