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CiTYLiGHTS + iNTRO ::: Meet Aijay, the Sultry & Sonorous Song Bird

Today, our CityLights beams on this remarkable gospeller whose profile and pedigree is sure to amaze you.

She is gifted, ebullient, sultry, sonorous, well-layered, prolific, and yes, her name is Aijay. She is like the proverbial goldfish  who has no hiding place yet she's been relatively content with making impact with her divinely tinged music in a rather off-radar effort that subverts the media.

Well, all that subverting just changed becuase our CityLights just beamed on her and it while keep her in the spotlight. Hence, we humbly introduce you to Aijay, God's sultry and sonorous songbird.

Aijay is an astonishing gospel singer that never fails to get noticed when she walks into a place. The sweet-layered gospeller has a look that keeps eyes on her and whenever she lets out sound from her vocal chords, people tend to gasp in amazement.

She is committed to the gospel and has managed to achieve an equilibrium that gives her music a cross-border appeal on every ground. What this connotes is that Aijay’s music appealS to persons of diverse backgrounds and social leanings. 

With over a decade of music under her belt, it comes as little or no surprise to see the expertise she deploys in her music. This singer/writer was born on a 5th day of a September and  never fails to leave people with something to remember wherever she happens to appear.

Indeed, God blessed her with layers of talents and holstered in one gun, her music. She is not a new bie. A lot of popular acts know her and this is as a result of God’s grace upon her life and her impressive pedigree.

A lot of persons will attest to knowing Aijay even with her seeming low-key mainstream engagement. This is due to the fact that she is widely travelled and her personality makes it easy to spot her while the memory of meeting this vivacious gospeller has a way of sticking to people’s heads.

Also, she has gotten a couple of press coverage that just might be where you spotted her.  She competed in the very first edition of STAR QUEST and has been featured in Testimony Time on Inspiration TV, ACBN, Omega TV as well as Hossana TV.  She has also gotten some exposure in the print media  especially in magazines likes Glory & Virtue, Heroes Magazine amongst others. She has also done series of radio tours across Nigeria.

Aijay was born and grew up in Owerri . Her schooling took her to Enugu to obtain a B.MLS in Medical Laboratory Science from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.  Yes, she practices her medical profession and currently works with a hospital in Lagos.
Music to her is a part of her and has never been a conflict as it blends with her person and career. Her passion and love for music made her put up an all-girls posse that consisted of 5 gospel singers whom were called Treasured Possession. The group is known to have thrilled music lovers in Owerri in the mid/late 90s.
This officially marked her professional start in music. While in School in Enugu, she worked with Kerruzzo Entertainment, a frontline entertainment outfit in the east back then. She was one of the artistes on the label and got to release her very first album which had cameo appearances by the likes of Freke Umoh, Wizboyy, Douglas, and Paul Adams.

The album generated some buzz around her and sustained her into the next stage of her music ministry. In 2010, she performed at the National Transformation Conference in Enugu alongside top gospel artistes like Samsong, Frank Edwards, and Sammie Okposo. These brought her some more exposure which she strengthened and leveraged on. One thing though, Aijay’s music gets people listening and nodding to its chimes and rhymes.

She went on to perform at the Christian Union National Conference in University of Benin then took her music to a bigger crowd when she ministered with Don Moen and Chevelle Franklin at the Experience Lagos  Sunday service, 2011. 

As a writer, Aijay Wrote the Rochas Foundation Anthem (theme song) and performed it live at the launch ceremony in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. She has also penned some other impressive pieces of music for herself and other music acts.

 Currently , Aijay is working on her next album under Xousia Music and it  will feature amazing tracks from her and some collabos to look forward to like the one she did with BOUQUI. When she isn’t performing as a solo/group music minister or wearing her Medical lab coats, she sings with the world-renowned Chosen Treasure Choir of the House On The Rock Lagos, Nigeria.

Aijay lives out her passion in glorifying God through her music. Her sound is packed with years of experience, expertise and a sultry slant that will play up a smile up your lips when you listen to this amazing gospeller.

Now you know her in black and white...Are you ready for her sound? It will be dropping pretty soon on Gospel City Naija. #ANTICIPATE.


  1. You go girl! Now the lights are up; the world is watching...

  2. Thumbs up,Ij. U r lifted without choice. I cldnt open d yestde link...

  3. lekwanuoo....thats my SISTER right there.Go babe

  4. Go Aijay,Go Aijay...

  5. Aijay u are dealing

  6. Na wa ooo,she fine sha...

  7. Is she married?I'm interested

  8. very known fellow, i can see you @ the top. more GRACE and ANOINTING. i love dis

  9. This is your time Ai. Its long overdue Nwachinemere,I believe your time is now, and God is faithful who will not forget your labour of love. Just relax and enjoy God's visitation upon your life. I realy rejoice with you. You are blessed forever.

  10. Well done Aijay, God has destined u for greatness & its already coming to fulfillment. May u continue to soar high like an eagle.

  11. Awesome! just note this,you are a shining star and that is what you will continue to be.keep on the good works and you will soar beyond the sure of greatness coming your way.Hilaaary say so...

  12. Yes, Treasured Possession, that was your brainchild Ij love. Proud to have been a part of the 5! Love you beyond words Sis. I am not just proud of you, I am in awe of what the Lord of heaven's armies can do with a faithful and yielded life like yours. You have no idea what God has prepared for you Ijkpoms!