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VIDEO CRITIC ::: A Tough Analysis of 3 Gospel Music Videos from Psalmos, Mike Abdul and T.I.V [ Videos Included]

Here it is. We know a lot of you will have a "ehen...him don come again" reaction to this and then you'll keep your fingers crossed.

Yes, our critic is back on the block (abi na blog). Mr. ChisosMusic a.k.a the "dreadedly loved" gospel music critic is back.

This time, he chills on the audios and take some gospel videos out like chineese take-out. We'll cut through the talk and let you in. Check it out.

ChisosMusic Critique: My Wahala with Nigerian Gospel Music Videos plus 3 Video Critiques


Hallo Hallo Hallo ooooooo,

So we are talking about music videos today which were not part of the plan when we set out to create this platform but please permit us to run an exception for this one ( and maybe more in the future :D )

Ok, that done, let’s have an understanding here. GREAT music videos cost a lot.
Yea, I mean a whole lot. And the gospel music terrain seems not to be ready to bear such cost, no thanks to the challenge of lack of investors in the industry. Well, can you blame investors? Fear of not getting returns on  investment is higher with gospel music.  Yeah yeah, I know Blow my mind by Henri Soul blew everyone’s minds and has become international but sit his management down to confirm how much Clarence Peters collected for that world class video. Same thing with Yabo by Solomon Lange.


You can also have a great music video on a low budget. Ask GAISE with “Movie Song” music video. That video had several nominations and awards.

GAISE can confirm that the good reviews he has received so far from AWA O TUSH is not comparable to that of MOVIE SONG

All you need is CONCEPT. A supercalifrajalisticespialidotious concept. A video someone wants to watch over and over again despite the “not so ghen ghen” visuals. Permit me to also use this example by Olamide “Eni Duro”. Low budget but “madt” concepts.

So here’s what I think about our videos in recent times. NB: I COULD BE WRONG!
I’m tired of seeing over-populated cameo appearances in gospel music videos in fact; it seems to be a Nigerian thing though. Gathering fellow singers to sing and dance with you in your music video, is it for endorsement? What relevance is it? Does it make your video more appealing and real to the viewing audience? Is it that people would take you serious if they see the kinda peeps you supposedly “hang out” with in your videos? I really can’t say. 

For instance, I sensed AWA O TUSH video by GAISE would parade a particular group of artistes, a sort of clique if you ask me and VOILA! They were all there.
The one that annoys me more is where you gather NOLLYWOOD stars in your MUSIC video, not even to act but stand beside you singing and shaking body (note that I didn’t say dancing) Warriisssddaatt???. If you really want them in your video, create a believable story around your song and let them do what they know how to do best; ACT.

Err… this is just an aside- Let’s also chill with the club scenes in our videos. They look cool but c’mon…clubs for songs to bring God honour and reverence, what is in your glasses? Communion wine?

Ok, let’s run a random critique of 3 popular gospel music videos recently released.

 ///// Orin Tuntun by Psalmos
Orin Tuntun by Psalmos was below expectations for me considering my intense love for that song. The video has cool pictures though. But what’s with the dancing while SITTING in a groovy song? Maybe I’m not seeing something…just maybe. I expected more choreography from the dance dudes. I also feel the beggar and giving people money scenes were an afterthought, maybe wasn’t in the original script. And finally, massive cameo appearances…MASSIVE! #NuffSaid.

/////// Morire video by Mike Abdul
Next, Morire video by Mike Abdul. Is Monique the wife of a G.O? No disrespect. I need clarification please. That hat though! Listening to the energy in her voice on the track you would expect her to match the fiery performance of Mr. Abdul. But she came in a holy worshipper demeanor which made her seem passive in the video. Apart from that and the multitude cameo appearances, I LOVE THE VIDEO. Abdul nailed it.

////// What is the matter by TIV
What is the matter by TIV is what it is, A DANCE VIDEO. Akin Alabi is regarded as a prolific music video director and the artiste behind TIV so you would expect that his own music video would be on point. My opinion; Low budget and Nice concept, all you would expect from a tecno/house music video. That yellow hooded-Jacket though. Maybe I have poor taste in yellow hooded jackets…just maybe!

Remember, this is just MY OWN OPINION. God’s opinion about your work is what’s more important. And then again, I might just be an angel sent to tell you his opinion. #JustSaying.
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  1. i totally agree with u,monique's appearance didnt just go with part in the song, she dressed too cool to sound that holy ghostically crazy

  2. Great Critique. I like the way you expressed your criticisms in a respectful manner. I love Tiv's video too but just like you that jacket was just off with the wine pants. Maybe black pants would be better.
    Mike Abdul's video is great, nice choreograph and as usual Mike brought in his A game with his awesome performance but I believe it would have been better with less Cameo appearances. Also, the part Mike sang "Oh my God", I felt a drop in the awesome Tempo with which the song started...that kinda suppressed my initial excitement for a while but then it picked up again

  3. I particularly love monique's costumes n make up init. Twas wow! She looks like an african american woman. She reminds of Faith Evans when I watch it

  4. Everybody cannot be Mike Abdul. MoniQue put up a gOOd representation of herself and her costumes did justice to that. The hat is stylish and not the regular. Those of us that know it can confirm it. Beautiful video and MoniQue was beautiful in it.