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URBAN + FRESH ::: D.O.P.E - Time Will Tell

 This is a brand new song from one of ours. His name is D.O.P.E and he is no stranger in this CiTy.

D.O.P.E is taunted to be Naija's very own Raptivist and on this track, he comes out in his elements as he gives a response to a list on "Nigeria 10 Most Gifted Emcees" released by a music site some time this month in Nigeria.

 This is a response song and like stated by the artiste, it is no diss song. "I strongly believe that a lot go wrong because God's people do nothing.  The serpent in the Garden of Eden was hyping the forbidden fruit, the whole world fell apart
because Adam and Eve (God's Own) didn't resist", He mused.



"Recently were hyping some secular/Lagos artistes calling 'em Nigeria 10 Most
Gifted Emcees". As usual most Kingdom/Christian Emcees didn't say a thing, cause they don't care.

If the statement was "Nigeria 10 Richest Emcee" or "Nigeria 10 Most Popular Emcee" I won't have been
concerned. I think did not have the capacity to say who is and who is not gifted. I see it as
a slight to most Nigeria Emcees especially Kingdom/Christian Emcees.

1. They are saying, you are nothing if you are not secular
2. They are saying, you are nothing if you are not based in Lagos
3. They are saying, you are nothing if you are not popular
4. Above al,l they are telling our kids, these are the standard consume anything they spit out in the name of music.

The ignorant see this as mere opinion, but coming from a blog as widely accepted and viewed by our youngsters as is beyond an opinion, it's a stampede. See this as my response as my opinion and not diss."


  1. I am a gospel Emcee and I see a hole in the field of entertainment.....this does not belong to the circular world to grade,on a normal day we own this thing but a lot is not happening. There are no platforms enuf 4 other acts that's why someone wil in his lame knowlegde say anything............but believe me...............AM CHANGING THAT,am giving Nigerian music industry another thought to go home with,period!we are meant be the best for heaven sake is not a competetion but its a fact. If the kigdom of the world is prosperous how much more of God,says the Bible.

  2. I feel you dude. The secular dudes think they run everything. I refuse to be silence when I see recognise media guys try in a subtle way to run kingdom/Christian Emcees down. I will fight for Christ untill all see the light.