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HBD + FELICITATIONS ::: Gospel City Naija Celebrates Capt. Aminu Marine + Pictures of him on Vacation with his wife, Afrikan J in Ghana

It’s another day in The City and we are celebrating the birthday of one of our very own. He is a back bone of The City and one of our blessed partners. His name is Capt. Aminu George but we all call him by his fond name, Aminumarine.

He is the CEO of Testimony Productions and MD of Aminu Marine Ltd, a marine logistics and servicing company in Rivers State.

Indeed, this day was just waiting around the corner to roll in. Here it is, and we are openly excited about it. 

 To mark this day, we give you this post which consists of felicitations from some CiTyzens of the CiTy and a couple of pictures from his visit to Ghana with his lovely wife, our very own Afrikan J. That’s right. He is married to Afrikan J and they have two lovely daughters – Aquila and Testimony. Below are the felicitations and pictures.....


...My essence, my true friend and husband! On this day of your arrival some years back on planet earth, I and our beautiful daughters celebrate with you, thanking God for sending you to our lives! May heaven enlarge your coast, cause your good dreams and visions to come to reality...give you long life and prosperity all round in JESUS' name, amen! HBD from Afrikan J, Aquila and Testimony.


Capt. Aminu, as you celebrate today, may God enlarge your coast and provide everything you need to be a super-dad, happy birthday bro...Cherers!

                                                                  DE PRIEST:
Capt Aminu Marine, its my prayer that as you are a bundle of good and favourable things to your family, you will also have the grace to extend it for God's purpose...Happy Birthday to you my brother, long life, good health, enjoyment, and success in all you embark upon in Jesus' name...aMEN.

                                                              PHILIP ASUQUO:
Chiefo! Indeed, i celebrate you this blessed day. You are more than a brother to me...You are more than a business partner to are more and more a lot of things that leaves me awestruck. You are the few persons i have seen with a good heart. Indeed, your life is an example for a lot of young men out there. I am happy you are part of our family, am happy am part of yours too. God bless you richly in Jesus' name!

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  1. Happy Birthday big brother, you can only get better in these new year of your life and family. its going to be from glory to glory in these new year for you, no stopping you bro. Delight say so.