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EXCLUSIVE + GIST :: DAVASOL Set for Big Debut on 11/11/2013!

Every year, the 11th day of November (The 11th month) has always been unique.  This gave it the 11/11 coinage. This year’s 11/11 is indeed going to be a remarkable one as we will introduce and drop a new single from a remarkable twin duo known as DAVASOL.
From their committed ministrations as worship leaders in  church, this twin duo of Solomon Patrick (Bigdpat) and David Patrick (Davepat) are set to make a huge entry into the Nigerian music scene with a debut single that is bound to impress music aficionados.
Yes, we said it…They are a twin. And yes, they bring that extra flavour and grace that comes with the twin factor. We call them the double divine delight and implore you to get ready for the release of their single, “IBUCHI”. 

The duo are signed to FINAL MIX Entertainment, a Kingdom-inclined music/entertainment production outfit based in Nigeria. Indeed, the single is one sound you really should anticipate. The countdown begins…IBUCHI…11/11….2013! Mark your calendars.
 The track was produced by the world-class super sonic producer, Mr. Sunny Baseda who also happens to be the CEO of FINAL MIX ENTERTAINMENT.

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