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FRESH + URBAN + MUSIC ::: Rapsody "The Humble Gospel Rap Beast" drops his rap mic and Picks a 'singing' mic with New Single, JOWO [ FREE DOWNLOAD ]

The "Humble Beast" of Nigerian Gospel Hiphop is back with a new single! Rapsodee may not be your favorite rapper but he's the rapper your favorite rapper listens that's putting it mildly.

His works "Rebel Muzik" and "The Mavrixx EP" are HipHop classics..not to mention his sterling  Performance on the "ECHO Cypher" Video.
So,when an emcee of such pedigree decides to go the singing route,the outcome can be aptly described as 'unexpected'!

Listen to this street ballad from Rapsodee as he bares his heart out on the song titled 'Jowo'..a song so down-to-earth anybody can relate to..Enjoy!

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