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MUSIC + DOWNLOAD ::: T.I.V Drops New Single As They Celebrate 5 Years of Marriage

Akin Alabi is more than a prolific video maker. From the interview we had with him sometime this year, we unveiled several other aspects of him hitherto unknown. Today, he treads one of the known territories as he marks the 5th wedding anniversary of his married life to his wife. Ofcourse, they are collectively known as T.I.V in the music climes.
The award-winning couple, T.I.V releases this praise song, Odironye today to celebrate their 5th year wedding anniversary. We met 17years ago as youngsters not knowing that God had a plan for both of us in the future. 
Today we celebrate our 5th year of marriage which has been blessed with two lovely boys.. Odinroye is a upbeat, multi-lingual praise song that will ge t you in a praise mood anytime.  Enjoy it.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SONG

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