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PREMIERE + MUSIC ::: Yellow Dove Ft Penjani - Better Than Sex

Here is a song from Zambia that you totally need to check out!  Its one bold confession from an artiste known as Yellow Dove on stuffs a lot of us would rather bottle up and suffer with.

This song is a beautiful confessional piece. Its melodic Chorus was sweetly delivered by the lolipop-voiced Penjani and it sinks the message in as well as extol God in a rather delightful way.

What could be "BETTER THAN SEX" ? Download the song right here and find out...Its a lovely one. >> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD\

Antonio Nawa Mwanamuke popularly known as the Yellow Dove aka God’s Favourite Rapper was influenced by his late Uncle Misheck to pursue rapping as a form of ministry at an early age. In the year 2000 he wrote his first single born to win which was not released until 2004 under Digital X studios. With his second single what would Jesus do if he came to Zambia Antonio toped the Zambian Chats which saw his release of his debut album born to win in 2010, After which he sought to provide a large platform for other gospel rappers to influence the youths to come to the saving knowledge of Christ through his gospel hip hop radio show-The Yellowholic show.

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