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SPOKEN WORD POETRY ::: Philip Asaya - Denominations [ AUDIO + FULL LYRICS + HIS PICTURE ]

We put out a few lines from this spoken word piece and the response gotten was impressive. Today, we are going all out to not only give you the complete audio but along with the full lyrics as well.

The piece is titled DENOMINATIONS and is by Philip Asaya. You really need to download and listen to this one. Philip Asaya is one of the most gifted spoken word poets in Nigeria and this piece attests to his poetic ability and Kingdom credibility. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


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A Spoken Word Piece By Philip Asaya

Another word for it makes no sense what you're saying as long as you're  not from my church
Another word for play a god of yourself by saying something off your head and then say you heard these series of words directly from the  God himself

We are a  house crumbling down because our walls are divided within itself
Instead of building with bricks of faith and love
We now build deceitful walls that fuels our hate and  lust For power
 not to pull up... one another but to pull down even further the ones who falter
 And we call ourselves a church
The body of christ one bought back by everlasting blood bled  through everlasting love shared

And we go on preaching with our lips that we are one and the same
Forgetting we... Are more like
Enemies on a battle field fighting with rage
And it's a cold war we're fighting
One that has come of age

And with age comes the blindness   vision deficiency
Making us lose focus  of what's true and timeless
Like preaching God's kingdom only
Instead of preaching your own mission behind it

Now all we doing is punching and kicking each other with our tongues
Slaying ourselves with sunday sermons  like knives to kill
We even hold on to hideous lines we speak
When we say I worship the God of my church
Forgetting he is the God of the whole world and can never be boxed in the four walls
Of a building with aesthetics of filthy ragged   righteousness

 we've now moved  our hearts ears  from listening to what God said
To listening to what  my pastor said
Daily devotionals now replace your bible  verses... And doctrines now become God's many voices
Causing a total disconnect from grace
Making us live off our own heads
We are now walking like blind lepers in a world full of obstacles tripping us to fall in shame...
We have built wrestling rings for ourselves
And invited the devil in as the ref...
And the world to clap their hands of mockery for us as cheers

We even go further
Breaking up sweet relationships
Saying things like sister brenda can never marry brother olumide all because in your church his tithe. He does not pay

Its no wonder a church building can be blown up in the north and brethren die in the process
And down here in the south we continue with our self glorifying services  not pricked not moved by bodies being  blown to smithereens
Denomination that's what it is

A foundation of fear and strife

Striving to make your way the way now
And God's way  for someday somehow
We are now Tying our selves to the gates of hatred  and bitterness
Filling our hands not with his words as love
But with God's words as gloves to fight one another
Tongue that do more than heal now do worse than kill...
When we only think about filling our denominations of lies that stinks with the precious souls of men in need

Now tell me... What's the difference between hell and this ?
The fire of torment?
When we feel the torment each day in our hearts
When we try to out do the next building
And it's a sad thing
The house of God now reduced to place of hatred and wrath

Filled with people Lifting up hands presumed holy... All for self justifiable reason self glory ...
We are Quick to say we are  general overseers... When vividly in this condition we are vision impede
General over sinners... And we are all sinners
Bought back by the same blood
Causing us all to be in one accord with the heart of the everlasting. God

Now I know I've said enough
But before I leave this stage
I'll like to ask this question once and for all when we get to heaven...
Are we going to have a section for people from your church and a section for people from  mine ?
Or are we all together going to be in tune to one frequency and that's  God's holy mind

I'd  like us to ponder on this for just a little while



  1. i wish to join and but pls how? i am also a spoken word poet but dont know where too deliver my piece

  2. point of correction *i wish to join but do not know how? i am also a spoken word poet but dont know where to deliver my piece

  3. i wish to join and but pls how? i am also a spoken word poet but dont know where too deliver my piece