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EXCLUSIVE :::: Amazing Testimony of A man who survived Suicide By listening to Chris Shalom's Music

Her in Gospel City Naija, we believe wholly in gospel music as a ministry that heals and edifies through the use of graceful sonic renditions.

We always advise gospel music ministers to see what they do through music as a channel of God's blessing to mankind. Here, we share a testimony from Chris Shalom about a man that listened to his music and survived  suicide. Do go ahead and read...

"Hello dear friends, my name is CHRIS SHALOM. I received this testimony from a dear brother on the 25th of december 2013 @7:18 pm of the impact of my album (MORE THAN A CONQUEROR) and my MINISTRY.

I am most GRATEFUL to GOD for the inspiration By the HOLY SPIRIT. And a big THANK YOU to my father and coach REV CHRIS OYAKHILOME for teaching and showing me the way of the LORD.
May you be Inspired, Encouraged, Energised and Ministered TO by the holy spirit as you read thru every line of this testimony. GOD bless you."

Hello sir. My name is...(Identity withheld) we've met a number of times. I'll send a picture to help you with identifying me. However, I've wanted to share this with you for a while and here goes...first of all the picture...

Ok, the back story is a little long so I'll leave it out but mid January this year, I ended up in a hotel room with every intention of committing suicide so I swallowed 18 sleeping pills, ate my 'final meal' and lay down to sleep. I had stayed up most of the previous night so that I would be worn out and sleep off immediately. As I lay down to sleep I played your album and put it on repeat on my iPad... well, after 8 futile hours of waiting....nothing happened. my eyes were shinning brightly.... no sleep came!!! so I said I'll try plan B

Plan B involved swallowing poison so I put it together and swallowed it all. Sent out my suicide note via email (it was actually programmed to auto send today thinking I'll have been dead the day before) and once again lay down to die. after a while, I literally began to feel the life ebb out of me  but I was playing your album again on my iPad and every time it got to 'more than a conqueror' my spirit responded and said 'you cannot die', at 'you are holy' with farlon my spirit always brightened up with 'there's a purpose for your being'. 

Well at one point in time, (about the third or fourth replay of more than conqueror) my spirit was energised, my mind could no longer dominate and I just said 'yes Lord, I submit to your will for my life ' - I was running away like Jonah, that's what got me into the situation in the first place. At that, from my innermost being I threw up all the poison, cleaned myself up and drove my self home! but was quite weak physically. I was admitted that night but by morning, I was completely healed of all the effects of the poisoning and was able to go home by evening !

I'm grateful for the inspiration behind your songs. Thank you for not just singing but ministering the Spirit in your music. I had originally planned to play 'time after time ' by Eva Cassidy. If I had done that, I'm sure I wouldn't be here today.

 Thank you for your ministry. God bless you real good. It means that all I go ahead to achieve in the ministry of the gospel henceforth, you are a part of that. Thank you so much and have a merry Christmas.

////////////////////////////// LISTEN TO THE SONG BELOW ////////////////////////////////////


  1. Wow! God is so gracious and kind! God bless u Chris Shalom! The world needs you.


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  2. Amen!! Thank you so much!

  3. You are a blessing to our nation,cheers

  4. Wow!!! Wonderful! This shows a song shouldn't just be a song, it should be brimming with power via the anointing of the holy ghost!!! Exactly wht the world needs at this point in time... God bless ur ministry Chris. Kevyn C

  5. God bless you my nroda and increase you i love you...

  6. Amazing story glory to His Name

  7. Wao! God bless you brother! Its amazing how the Holy Spirit leads us and gives us a message to bring hope and life to many! May the Lord continually Inspire your music ministry and cause you to do more for the kingdom! Keep being a blessing! God bless you!

  8. Wow. this is awesome... trust you have a yookos blogging sit Shalom ? Do post this there, it will bless our Loveworld Nation. I love you and thank God for ministering in songs...and personally send this song to Rev. Tom, he love to know...
    John Sibigam

  9. Thank y'all for your great and inspiring comments

  10. Brother Paul Airohi29 December 2013 at 21:56

    Wow wow wow, thank you lord for your mercy and love.. God bless you brother chris..