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EXCLUSIVE + CITY LIGHTS :: Gift, Grace & Glory - The DAVASOL Story

It sure has been a while coming. Here, our CiTYyLights beam on the twin duo known as DAVASOL after the successful release of their debut single and the success that trailed it.

The twin lost their dad the very morning the song was premiered and according to them, they recieved but condolences and congratulations from people.

Their single, IBUCHI, was dubbed a massive success on its release. The professional delivery and superb production ( from FINAL MIX Studios) gave little about them as studio newbies. Well, we got them right here and we dug in to get their story so that you can get to know them more. Dont forget to download and listen to their song, IBUCHI.

We had an interview with them and they opened up to a whole lot like the death of their dad, relationship with secular artistes, their record label, pastor, mom, etc .

Here, we present their story and promise to release the full interview we had with them this month. Also, you can catch them ministering live at the Uyo Sports Stadium this friday, 6th December, during the Outpouring Night put together by Full Life Christian Centre.

The DAVASOL Story...

The twin duo of Solomon Patrick (Bigpat)[dimpled] and  David Patrick ( Davypat) are brothers who were born and grew up together. They were born on 1st January 1994 and hail from Uruan Local Governemrt Area in Akwa Ibom State.

The brothers have always been in church  and were born into Emmanuel Deliverance Ministries  were thery serverd as Choir members. Thery later went to Dominion Church and were  asked to pioneer a group of young singers called DOMINION VOICE after a ministration.  Currently, they are ministers under Rev Ntia I. Ntia's Full Life  Christian Centre.


Schooling started for them at the Christ The King Presbytarian International School, Uyo and they later poceeded to Uyo High School, Uyo. They both intend to study Law or Political Science in the University of Uyo when they get admitted.

It is worthy to note that they have always been together in classes and were always switched to a same class whenever they were put in seperate classes.

" While in school, we were not stubborn but we did the pranks that childern are known for. We were always jovial too. We were in  the choir in primary school and were also told to head the school's choir in Secondary School. We did some notable ministations then for our school...", Solomon, recalls.

He futher said that he was a Parliamentarian in school and that is part of the reasons he wants to study law in the university. He loves talking for people but hopes to switch to political science if Law doesn’t set in as his first choice.


Obviously, the Davasol bothers became aware of their music gift when they were quite young. Their mom and dad were both choristers as well thus it was hard to miss out of the choir. They literally grew up in the choir.

" We can't remember being forced to church but we do recall when dad used to bath us and wear us some bogus trousers with the waistline on our bellies. We got to find out that those were our Choir uniforms. Dressed in those unifoms, we found ouselves in the choir ministering special numbers and being remunerated…", they poffererd.

On one occasion, Rev Mbaseki Ayomobi (now based in Maryland, USA) was invited to minister in their church and they were asked to minister before him. The reverend was impressed by their ministration and made a remark of them sounding like him. He called them and spoke to them then gave them copies of his album.


Their paernts have always supported  their music ministry. Their dad was the men's choir dierctor in the church they attended in their early years so they had all the support they could get from him for their ministry. Their mum, being a chorister, never objected to her sons  singing to the gloy of God.

They recall that they used to have stage fright untill their mum helped them overcome it by doing the introductions for them before they got on the pulpit to minister. Even with their  'stage fright tinged' ministations, they recall people telling them that they were good and that they should work on the stage fright and improve on themselves.


Davasol's ministations have been of benefit to not only themselves but also to people who have witnessed the said ministrations.

For one, they always got scholaships after some ministrations.. The first scholaship came when they ministered in Dominion Church. On another occasion, they ministered as guest artistes at AME Zion church and got another scholaship.

As earlier noted, their ministation has also been a blessing to others. They recall an occasion were they were guest ministers in a church and a prophetic word  came from the host pastor that the people in the congregation should hug them if they need twins. They left the church wondering if it would work and got to confirm it when they were called to minister at a child dedication. The child dedication had twins and their mother testified to having been one of the women that hugged them in church.

" The lady said they would name the children David and Solomon….Since those are both male names, we dont know which name the girl would take (Laughs)", Davasol mused jokingly.

The fruits of their ministations come from the grace and gifts bestowerd on them by God Almighty.
" As a young person that was in church all the time, you actually get to be spiritual without even knowing. We didn’t use to pray before ministrations but grew up to do so….people used to say we  were blessed but we didn’t underdstand how … "

Fom this, we can see that the brothers gradually became aware of God's blessings upon them and their ministrations and learnt to stay in that place of grace and blessings from God...

" One time, we gave a testimony in church and people cried all over the floor. We have come to understand ministration not to be just about siniging …we may not have the best voice…we may not run all the scales and do all those professional singing acrobatics but  when we do sing, we  minister. Singing to minister God's breakthrough, relief and joy to people is of a great importance to us...", they proffered.


The duo recently released a single called IBUCHI and suprisingly, the single  is said to be their first personal studio work yet recieved huge acceptance and downloads. They used to back up other artistes in the studio prior to this, however.

" Ibuch means 'You are God' and happens to be our debut single…"

The first song they had in mind to record was supposed to be titled "I believe"  but God gave them IBUCHI through David. He got the chorus of the song while getting some groceries one morning and went home to sing it to his brother, Solomon.  They did'nt even know what it meant because the lyrics came in Ibo language so they took it to the head of their church's choir, Minister Amaka, and she translated and confirmed the words. It is suprising that they dont speak ibo but God gave them a song in ibo.  Having had the chorus, they went back to the studio and worked on the verses.

Thier Producer and manager, Mr Sunny Baseda of Final Mix Entetainment, fell in love with the song and they all agreed to shelve "I believe" and go for it. He layed the instrumentals for the song the same day and they voiced on another day.

"While recording the song, people came into the studio and said we look Yoruba and were singing an ibo song yet we are from Akwa Ibom. Ibuchi is a song of praise…the focus is to praise God and get the blessings that come with it……

"Mr Baseda is a minister in church (plays the church piano + sets sound)  and we’ve been signed up to his music label, Final Mix  Entertainment ….."


With the thirst for more fame and money by artistes even to the extent of compromising on values and standards, we had to ask the Davasol Brothers about the likelihood of them switching to secular music...

" We can't even dream of doing secular music. We are not doing music just for money and fame so we will never consider that option. We have been called to do secular music before and didn’t think of it twice.

 Our very first music deal was to land us in the secular but we left it.  We are obeying Christ's instruction that we should  ‘Go ye into the world and preach the gospel”…

We do music to minister to people in their homes. We want people to get redemption from listening to music just like pastors minister through  word. When we see people doing secular music we ask what the joy is and was told by one that they don’t know why they do it…. Even the unbelievers are aware that God is coming soon so why waste time encouraging people to sin instead of to prepare and be ready for Christ’s second coming…? Its a big NO to secular music for us…it’s not part of the plan..The plan is to win souls to Christ and minister to people…Christ said we should occupy till He comes so we do music that will get His people   healed, strengthened, encouraged, blessed etc while occupying and waiting for His return.


Overseas – Donnie McClurkin and Don Meon
Nigeria – Freke Umoh, Nathaniel Bassey, Pst Mrs Ukamaka Ntia , Rev Mbasekei Ayomobi, Frank Edwards and Sinach


Do songs that will appeal to everybody not songs that will be sang in church alone. Do music that will be accepted by people in church and those outside church. The people outside are being offered secular music while people in church are recieveing the word, prayers etc. We need to reach out to the people out there.

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