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EXCLUSIVE + GIST ::: No sitting on the Fence!Kenny Kore Speaks Against Gospel/Secular collabos, cites Provabs & M.I's new Track

Okay, this has been quite a heated topic for gospel music pundits. Finally, renowned gospel music minister, Kenny Kore, spoke up on it and we just had to share it here.

From Nigeria to Zambia to The US and UK, this has been quite an issue. Kore's opinion is a view we believe a lot of us should digress.

Mr. Kore is a one gospel artiste we respect due to his commitment to ministry and endearing personality. The topic has been on the cooler for too long and he steps out to speak on it...

Get the excerpts below:

I am an artist by the name Kenny K'ore.
Some days ago a fellow sent me a text message passionately advocating that I help promote the track Provabs, one of Nigeria's lead gospel rap artist did with MI Abaga, a top class Nigerian secular artist. 

Apart from feeling like I'm not a promoter, and taking aback by his request. I replied the text stating my reservation about the musical effort.

He called me some days later to tell me he'll be putting it on his site. I couldn't be bothered by it, since i've writing to Provabs personally about the track and it's prospect from my view.

I haven't seen the site and don't know in what context I have been quoted or what the person intends to achieve by the publicity.

However, Provabs know that I don't have any personal vendetta against him or any fellow labourer in the field who has or intends to collaborate with secular artist on gospel projects. And for all my reservations, I respect MI's achievement as an artist {secular}.

I can, and have spoken with several of my gospel colleagues about why I think gospel artistes shouldn't collaborate with secular artistes. 

I would be happy if I could convince people to my point, which is based on my understanding of scriptures but if I couldn't, at least i've said my piece.

I could be wrong, and I am open to corrections, i'll be favoured indeed if such corrections come from kind and well meaning hearts. 

No one has made me a standard over my colleagues and I don't intend to be one. But I do care for the art of music and the ministry to which Christ has called me to draw men to Him. 

As much as I believe in the power of skills and professionalism, I rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to convict and convince people to Christ, something I deeply feel would be lacking if we turn our alters unto the strange fires of secularism in the bid to evangelise the unchurched. 

That's my position on the matter.


You have heard it from Mr. Kore....What is your view on this? Drop your comment below:

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  1. It's about that time,thank you K'ore. The worst part is even some of our churches call these(secular) artistes to come and sing in their churches. I really wonder why. What kind of spirit will a secular artiste bring to the gathering of God's people? I don't wanna call names but a particular secular artiste embarrassed two big churches in PH and Abj respectively when he was called to sing. He started removing his clothes on stage etc...#so embarrassing#That he/she has a song that sounds morally okay doesn't make it gospel. The gospel music is more than the lyrics. It also has to do with the spirit. It's sad that a lot of us are copying others in what they do,not minding what God told us personally in our closet.(ie if He really did say anything to u in the first place,lol).

  2. I hope I won't get in trouble for this. Because I've noticed that many gospelers don't KNOW the Bible and they think that skills is all that maters. I don't speak much on topics like this as our generation is over shrouded in lackadaisical attitude and they leverage on liberality and grace for this substandard behavior.

    Let me take you back on this same incidence from my home front. I discussed this with a brother showing my reservations that I do not feel that as blessed as we are now in the industry, someone should still be featuring a secular artist. I can categorically tell you that we have so many skills in the gospel scene right now in whatever genre that those
    refered to as the prominents acts need to keep up their game as talents are flooding the industry by the second. And if God has blessed us so, that you will have to screen out so many best of the best artists in order to arrive to who you want to work with, then I think it's ingratitude to God when you go out of the kingdom to join forces with those who are responsible for the the mess we are trying to clean up.

    I'm an artist also, so sometimes I have to be lenient on the deeds of some of us. I like to keep my materials clean as it is a sacrifice to the Lord and my ministry which I've laboured to build with prayers, sweat, tears and much study.

    God has helped me with so many colleages of whom I'm always glad to extend a hand of fellowship and strenghten my ties with. I do not see much sense (at least for now, with my level of knowledge) why anyone should be unequally yoked for the sake of the gospel.

    PS: For your information, I have downloaded other songs of the said artist, but i refuse to look at the the song in question twice as I'm not interested in such when I have so many more I (and yet to) listen to.

    'Seun Calibre Akin-Crown

  3. Lol,I don't expect too many people to comment on this one

  4. I believe kore and all those dat commented have said the right thing, cuz most gospel musicians dnt see themselves as ministers of God buh just entertainers, we shld minister in songs and nt entertain, we shld do whatever we do according 2 His spirit, @ least He sent His.Holy Spirit 2 be our companion and our teacher and guide, so I think we shld see to this seriously b4 it eats into d gospel

  5. I agree with K'ore,how many times do secular artistes run to gospel artistes to ask them to feature in their songs? Make we no de fall Jesus'hand o #nuff said#

  6. So are we the ones to say that the so called secular artistes can't praise God? Who are the righteous?

  7. At the end of the day I think it boils hugely down to the direction of the holy spirit. Righteous cannot be determined by physical appearance and behaviours. Only the holy spirit(God) really knows the righteous. The so called gospel artiste might be doing horrible things in secret. So does that mean that collaborating him makes his ministration pure? It may or may not be pure. Only God knows. The so called secular who sings morally clean songs but not a gospel artiste might actually be loved by God. Even if he is not righteous remember God can talk thru anyone irrespective of his state. God acts as he wills. Remember wen God used a donkey to deliver his message to balaam. Remember the harlot that in a moment of reverence cleaned Jesus' feet with an expensive perfume which wz well acceptable by him. So I bliv it all boils down to the holy spirit. We shld allow to direct our steps and actions...

    Kevyn C

  8. If people do understand what secular music truly is, they would know where to draw the line. There platforms that ban the gospel and the use of Jesus in music. Why do they do that? To appeal to more people? Christ said if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before His father. Let not the hunger for popularity lead you away

  9. Things are happening my friend,i still and always think we shud pray for ourselves as "music ministers",alot is happenin ryt nw dat our comments myt not mean much,d quest for popularity is takin a toll on us.

  10. My thoughts!!
    If the purpose of ministry is to minister umto the Lord, then lets stop bringing strange fire upon the altar... He altar is beyond the church. It is the ministry!! If your idealogy for featuring a unsaved artist into a collabo with you is to get him/her saved, then You are according to Apostle Paul of must men most miserable..
    The Holyghost is the one that saves, Not you!! So dont think your inviting him on collabo will get him saved...
    Filani Gideon

  11. Please let's not judge.God is very much in control.Thanks.

  12. Can you put new wine in an old bottle? Gospel music is not entertainment, it's meant 4 uplifting d spirit of God's children, it's a ministry, it's meant τ̲̅ǿ edify, set captives free and above all_ 4 praise and 4 d worship of the most high! Give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and τ̲̅ǿ God what is His..(that's what Jesus said). We can envagelise, yes! But until the person understands and receives Christ, you can't use him/her τ̲̅ǿ minister τ̲̅ǿ God's people, it'll just be a mockery! Take Obiwon for instance, he received Christ and God is using him mightily! Why don't circular artists feature Gospel artists??? Can you see Don Moen ft Chris Brown? Or Kirk Franklin ft Usher? Or Cece Winans ft Rihana? Or LeCrae ft Jay Z? 4 God's sake we have talents in God's house, nothing is lacking! Dis kind of things should not be heard 4rm amongst US! God told d children of Israel not τ̲̅ǿ marry women from other lands...nt because they were the worst people, bt bcos there believes will contradict theirs! We aren't discriminating! We were all sinners saved by GRACE! Let's just be Wise!