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EXCLUSIVE + INTERVIEW :::: BobbyFriga Speaks on His 21 Days Fast for ASUU + The Role of Gospel Artistes in Politics

BobbyFriga  a.k.a  son of a preacher is a remarkable gospel music minister that is known in gospel music ministry and also for his humanitarian endeavours that impact lives. 

He has a popular thanksgiving song, titled ‘’sosongodoboho’’ and that song is known to be one of the hit songs of this year.

Bobbyfriga is gifted and highly talented; he has a passion for humanity and life, his music, books, prayers, and programmes have inspired millions of people. 

In this chat with him by a media man (Not from Gospel City Naija) , Bobbyfriga offers insight to what motivated him to fast and pray for 21 days over Assu strike on behalf of Nigerian students, and also he talk about his stand on the 2015 politics of his dear state, Akwa Ibom.  

May we know you please? 

 Yes, may name is Bobbyfriga, the son of a preacher. I come from a place in Nigeria you may call in English ‘’ELEPHANT LEG’’ - Mkpat Enin, a land God lives in. I sing gospel music and am also a resident evangelist in the church I worship.  I am a youth ambassador for peace, an award that was given to me by ‘’UPF’’ Universal Peace Federation. Also I am an agent of charity to the needy, a graduate and a gospel music activist. About 60% of my energy goes into charity and doing gospel music.

We know you to be a man with clean haircut, why are you in this new look with so much hair on ?  

Its my new look for now and everyone knows this is not my real look. I have a  look of clean shaven hair cut that i am known for but for 21 days now, I have choose to fast and pray for the Nigerian students and at such, I have not cut my hair for these number of days. If I leave it for about two months or there about, I don’t think you will recognize if I am human or not. [Laughs]  

 I have volunteered to fast and pray for 21 days over Assu strike because during my days in school, I was doing a four year course but I spent about seven years in the school, not because I was a dunce or I had any problem in school, but it was because of this same ASUU strike that kept me. 

There was a long term strike during my days in school but just at the time the strike was called off, my school was upgraded to a state university of technology, thus, students went on a protest because some of the students that were in final year would’ve to step down to year one or two, in order to meet with the standard of the university and also, these were students who had already spent years in  school. So, because of the protest, the school was shut down for about six to nine months. Because of that, we ended up spending extra one to two years in the university instead of straight four years. However, I have been a graduate since 2007.

 What actually motivated you or gave you the idea to fast and pray for our students over the Assu strike? 

 Well, As someone who has been affected by Assu strike before, I know how painful and frustrating it is for the students who are at home because of the strike issue. Also, when I heard that some students are protesting in some part of the country, rioting and majority fthe students doing things they should not have done if they were in school, ooh my God, it bleeds my heart. 

With all the effort made by the federal government, protest and the rioting by the students, yet, the problem still pends, then I knew we need God's intervention. Because it’s only God that has the key to solve problems.... I took it upon myself to fast and pray for 21 days for our students over the ASUU strike.

 Brother, I will boldly state that, there are some unseen forces behind the Nigerian government and the education sector. These forces do not want our youths and this government to go forward, and the people concerned are so ignorant of it. Of course I was expecting the Nigerian students who are Christians to know that the battle is not their own, but of the Lord, also the bible says, if anyone is in trouble, he should take it to God in prayers. 

This is exactly what I am doing as a Christian and a concernED citizen, also as part of my contribution to solving our nation's problem.  Because with physical fight, you will go to jail or police 'go carry you learn work' [Laughs]. 

Let me use these opportunity to plead with the Christian side of NANS and the Muslim side of NANS, that they should bend down their knees in fasting and pray for God's intervention...

And to ASUU, I pray by these 21 days of my fasting and prayers, God shall grant your heart's desire.  Also, to the federal government, I pray by that by this effort, God will give you wisdom and grace to solve these problems in our country. 

My prayer will not be complete if I don’t pray for the ministry of education and the minister of education, I pray that God will not disgrace you because he gave to you the office you are occupying... be courageous, be strong, he will direct you. Amen.

With this you have done to our Nigerian students, what assurance are you giving to them? 

Yes, I will break my fasting tomorrow making 21 days, at such I will cut my hair and I want to assure the students and Nigerians that God can do all things, He can turn impossibilities to possibility.  Soon and very soon, the strike will be a forgotten issue and we will all celebrate. I mean most of you will  tell me thank you with gifts. [Laughs]

Now, looking at the way politics is going in the state and in Nigeria towards 2015 elections, what will be your stand as a gospel music minister and as an indigene of Akwa Ibom State? 

Well, as a gospel music minister, I have a lot to do in 2015 election. This is because, I have to sing the gospel of Christ to them which is love, peace, unity, employment, security, charity, social development, Assu-strike-free government, etc. through my music to the hearing and understanding of whoever will come to be our next governor and president. 

 Like I kept telling people, politics is not a dirty game but some of the people playing politics are dirty from their homes, thus, they bring their dirtiness into politics. I want you to know that politics cannot be complete without ministers of God. In other words, the true prophets of God. Not false ministers, who cannot pray for the nation or direct the government of what to do.  The government cannot be successful without God. 

Because this has been right from ages, so let the true children of God be involved in politics so they can correct things to the glory of God, not to leave it in the hands of  wicked men. In 2015, I will take my rightful stand, because we have to join hands in putting things right and my support will go to who God wills to lead us...

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