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EXCLUSIVE + INTERVIEW :::: South-Based Gospel Rapper, Awesome, Speaks To Gospel City Naija

Here is an exclusive interview with a gospel rapper known as Awesome. He recently released a single that  climbed the tops of urban playlists and got a lot of people looking in his direction. 

Here, he speaks about the his background, the single, his oncoming mixtape, music ministry and a couple more of things you should check out...

 What's more? In case you didn't download the song or just wanna get it, we got it right here for downloads. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TRACK

Hi Awesome. Good to have you here. For the benefit of our readers who do not know you, tell us about you…

Thank you. Awesome is a Rapper/Singer, Writer, Designer and Entrepreneur who believes that he has been called to reconcile men back to God.

We kinda stumbled upon you on the internet prior to the release of your single, WCM | WYNGKM. Tell us what you have been doing or have done before now.

Ok. Prior to now, I have been working as a model. I worked mostly with Diageo Brands Nigeria as a Brand Ambassador and educator.

Okay, so when did music start for you?

Well, I prefer to talk about my new life in Christ, so music started for me in 2010 when I destroyed all my secular songs and lyrics. I also redid some of them that I was led to by God.

Do you have released singles before the last one?

No. None.

Tell us about WCM | WYNGKM. How did you get the inspiration and how was d recording process like

Oh my! WCM | WYNGKM is a song birthed by the Spirit of God! I'm a product of Grace and my pastor always say ,“if you were the only man on earth, Jesus would have still died for you".

And Jesus said that "You are the light of the world, a city set upon a hill cannot be hid". So WYNGKM is that song that talks about the the Grace of Jesus brought unto us. 

Recording it was glorious! It was a long anticipated session, because I've been ministering the song in church programs until when I decided to record it...

So, how has d reception been since it’s released?

I have received so many testimonies since its release. Everybody that played it loved it. Whether unbelievers or believers, they've all commended the work. Even me also, it has been a life changing experience for me...
We also monitored its success from here. Indeed, it was well accepted…

A secular artiste who downloaded the song was singing it out loud and it was amazing to hear him sing "I'm crucified with Christ". That's actually attesting that he believes Jesus died for him and that he died with him too. I also have pictorial testimonies of what the song has done in people’s lives.

A believer friend on my blackberry messenger told me how mightily the song has blessed her so much that a day never goes by without her listening to it at least three times.

It’s good that the song ministered to people. A number of artistes often lose it when what they do becomes popular, how would you gauge your reaction to this?

Pride is a personal thing, my brother. Most Christians who show pride have not allowed God's Word to renew their minds. So, I think that a gospel act that loses it when they become popular never actually started on a solid foundation of Truth, or hasn't had their minds renewed…Cos it should be all about Jesus, not you.

I would like to just speak my view on this... I believe that we're firstly, ministers of reconciliation. Every New Creation is a if anything you do does not reconcile men back to God, then you're doing of your own accord and not of/for God.

An artiste may decide to create songs that appeal to the world or "commercial" as most people may call it, for me, it is not wrong. But it is when it doesn't draw or lead people’s heart to Jesus. Our songs should make people love Jesus more, that's when a song ministers.

For me, it has always been about Jesus. And will always be about Him. It’s His life I'm living.

Tell us about your Mixtape, Truth In Barz…

“Truth In Barz” as the name implies, is all about putting the gospel of Jesus Christ in musical bars with two instrumentals, 1 skit and 11 songs.In total, that's 14 tracks. Most of the tracks were produced by Shaker Beatz, a prolific producer in Aba, Abia State. Artistes featured are; @Kayceelyrikz, @Streetlightugo and @DebbieNwofor. There are two spoken word songs on it too.

Where is the release going down and other necessary info?

The launch is on the 22nd of December and its happening in. Aba, Abia State. After that, the CDs will be available in stores nationwide. You can also purchase online on iTunes.

Pictures and videos of the event will also be released online via GospelCityNaija and other media blogs.

Nice having you up here. God bless you. Do drop ur last words as you sign out...

Okay. Thanks to everyone who even amidst of a crooked generation, still live for Jesus and showcase His glory. 

Special thanks also goes to my man of God, pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, whose teachings over the years has built my life from glory to glory.

And to everyone who listen to and support the gospel, I love you all. God bless you! Thanks to all the media platforms that work tirelessly to push the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

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