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Here is the anticipated BOXING DAY single from X-pac, a brother who proclaims the gospel despite the odds.

X-pac is not new to The City as we have previously premiered his first single, "Chilling in Your House".

He runs a music record label and decided to dedicate it to the gospel by being the first to drop a gospel song from the said label, X Records.

His new single, #SAVIOUR, is a unique blend of the Techno and Fuji genres in quite an impressive way.The song is one which we reccomend for your download.

According to Xpac:

"#SAVIOUR is a dance song and the main idea is to tell people that Jesus is my Saviour. One can't sit on d fence! You are either serving the devil or Jesus and I want everyone to know that I am on Jesus' part. I chose to serve Him.

I have tried a lot on my own and I have failed without Him. Even with this, He has always been the one keeping,blessing,protecting and caring for me..."

Okay, now you know why X-pac recorded the song. Go ahead and hit the download button and celebrate the #SAVIOUR! ---» CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Chidi Ohaka (aka X Pac) was born in Benin City, Edo State. He hails from Imo State and had a touch of northern Nigeria (Kaduna State) during his childhood.

When adulthood came, he moved to Lagos where he became a Desktop Publisher,Web Designer,Software Engineer,he is also a proficient Chef.

In 2008, the CEO of X Records ( X Pac aka Chidi Ohaka) initiated a project ' Fill Up the place' with one of his artistes. Now, X Pac is back on his own and he intend to contribute his quota to the spread of the gospel in Nigeria.

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