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+GIST ::: Rapper, DMX, Sings New Gospel Song 'Never Give Up' [ + Sneak Peek Video ]

According to a report from Christian Post, Rapper Earl Simmons, known by his stage name DMX, has announced his plans to release a Gospel song entitled "Never Give Up." DMX has previously credited his Christian faith for helping him through his ongoing struggles with substance abuse and legal troubles.

"DMX's strong faith in God is always prompting him to create new music that expresses his relationship with God," the artist's publicist Domenick Nati told TheBlaze in a recent interview regarding the upcoming song. "In all of DMX's gospel songs his goal is to provide music that people can relate to and a lot of fans tell us that his music gets them through tough times in life."

A recent YouTube video offers a sneak peek of DMX rapping his new song. It is unclear when the song will officially be released and if it is just a single or part of an entire album.

The video begins with a clip of a local news report from this past summer when DMX was arrested for drunk driving in South Carolina. The video then goes on to show a "studio session" of DMX performing his new song, the chorus of which goes: "God told me not to never ever ever give up."

Max Weinstein of Vibe magazine wrote on the publication's website that although the rapper's new song "isn't quite in the traditional rap vein," its short preview sounds like it could prove to be a good song, especially because it is being produced by well-known hip hop record producer Dame Grease.

"Regardless of genre or label, the song actually sounds pretty dope, especially with Dame Grease on the boards."

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DMX has previously had his fair share of run-ins with the law. In 2008 he served a jail sentence for charges that included animal cruelty, drug possession, and theft, and he has previously spoken on his struggles with substance abuse, including alcohol and marijuana. He also recently filed for bankruptcy protection, as he reportedly owes over $1 million in child support.

Although DMX for the most part stays out of the public limelight, he made headlines in mid-October for ministering to a struggling woman on the streets of Los Angeles, Calif.

The video shows the rapper reading from a bible he carries around with him, and although it is unclear which verse he is reading, it seems the musician is advising the woman to trust in God's plan for her.


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