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+ ISSUES ::: Married Sisters Speak; Two Things You Should Never Tell a Married Woman

For some singles there are certain words they grow tired of hearing over and over again. Questions focused on the time frame of when they plan to settle down are always at the top of that list. It’s frustrating to be constantly reminded of something you probably can’t forget. The same is true for  married women.

Some folks, those married and unmarried, can sometimes underestimate what is really needed to keep a marriage afloat. Commitment and sacrifice are both key ingredients for strong relationships. Marriage isn’t as easy as it might look to some. Without us giving our everything, it will fail. So to hear the following phrases could be a slap in the face to some wives.
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Below, the ladies say it both;

1)  You should always cook for your man.”

black-woman-cooking As much as we desire to, there are other factors that come into play. Especially for those who work outside the home. 

Yes, we do have to be able to juggle our multiple roles, but it should also be understandable when we’re tired from working full-time or chasing toddlers around all day. A happy compromise is to plan meals in advance, but also look to our partners for assistance when needed.

2) “There’s always another woman willing to do what you won’t.”

Invitation To Intimacy Wow, really? If a man uses this one as an excuse to get his jollies off, so be it. It’s a very lame one, in my opinion. What makes a marriage work is communication. 

Whenever anything is neglected in a relationship, it needs to be addressed. Any one who doesn’t allow their partner the opportunity to help fix what’s broken, was looking for a way out anyway. We must also keep in mind, marriage is more than just sex. It’s love, communication, commitment, and support.