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EXCLUSIVE ::: "...Gospel music is not impacting the world as it should...I'll tell you why" - Deji Irawo ( X2DTV )

This morning, Nigeria's gospel BBM community woke up to a broadcast from Deji Irawo (Chief Responsibility Officer of X2D TV). The message was quite insightful and we had to have a brief chat with him about it. See excerpts below;

 Hello sir, you sent out a bbm broadcast message today that touched a very important aspect that affects the growth of gospel music ministry in Nigeria. Can you tell us what prompted this?

It was God that inspired the thought and the reality that we can no longer continue to live in self denial that Gospel music is not impacting the world as it should and this is due to our inability to correct things from within us.

Okay. Lately, it has also been coming to me that we are putting emphasis on self more than the gospel...

Very true,we discussed it recently. Self will not allow the glory go to God alone and it doesn't make people work together.

Below is the BBM Message from Mr Irawo

Deji irawo:
I believe that God & the world around us know the reasons we are not affecting our world  as gospel ministers is the lack of spiritual depth, love, focus, strategy & implementation amongst us to mention a few.

God anĂ° man are tired of our lame excuses & they are no longer buying our pity party of lack of support & funding from church,corporate bodies etc.

This is 2014, we all should WAKE UP. We don't have to reinvent the wheel & promote self as usual. Find a person or project you identify with and synergise to create impact,excellence,value & souls to the kingdom.

I don't know all the projects in Nigeria but I can identify some

Destiny's Child
Excuse me laugh
Pastor wale Adenuga's worship for change
GIG time fellowship
Gosporella's family funfest
Nikky laoye's cane project 4 the blind
Tim Godfrey's Broadway tour
Anny's peace concert
Sabina's school outreach
Lamborghini's prison outreach
Efe's women in Worship
Obuzalee's Christian Talent Club