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EXCLUSIVE + INTERViEW ::: " A lot of Gospel Artistes are getting it wrong + My view about Gospel Awards" - Nii Soul [Ghanian Gospel Artiste]

We had an interesting session with a Ghanain gospel artiste known as Nii Soul. He is one remarkable brother doing well with the music ministry in his country.

We did find out that there is more to him and this interview is quite revealing. He talks about certain issues and we implore you to check it out.....

Hello Nii, good to have you here. Kindly introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Joseph Nii Otu Ankrah (Nii Soul). I was in the first edition of project fame west Africa, which was held in Nigeria. I came in 2nd place and Iyanya won.

My music ministry is soul winning, so I always find myself in places where I get to lead people to Christ or rededicate their lives. My story becomes good enough reason for them to want to trust God.

 Okay. Someone recently observed that people who get called from their secular past seem to be more committed to d gospel…What's your take on it?

Hmm...I think they have a point. Because, when you have seen fame and money and it makes no meaning to you anymore, they won't sway you away easily like a gospel act who has just become very popular. They find it hard to commit because, some are overwhelmed by the fame and money.

Okay. What was your experience like and what led you to walk deeper with Christ?

 Well, u see, at a point, my soul was just not satisfied n was searching 4 more. I even began to pursue ways of getting into the freemason. Until one day, I was praying in the middle of the night when God asked me to read psalm 71. When I opened the bible, I couldn't read the words but began to sing the words. That was just the beginning. Before this, I saw myself in the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and TB Joshua said to me, 'you see the microphone you are holding, drop it and pick up God's microphone. This was how it all started. At this time, I was recording my album which was to be released on the 1st of December 2012

Your secular album?

Yeah. I had about 31 songs which I had to choose 12 from. This encounter was in June 2012. So I had to call my management in the U.S and tell them and surprisingly, they never hesitated and just let me go, even after they had spent close to 20000USD. This was how it began with me.

Looking back to where you were and where u are now in Christ, how would you compare it and what would you tell artistes that are still battling the decision?

Like I said to you, brother... This is the best decision I’ve ever made. For my other colleagues, I'll ask them to just let go and let God. They should have faith n trust in God totally. It keeps getting better and better.  Absolute surrender.

You made mention of something striking and profound when we asked about the Ghanaian gospel music scene off records..Do well to talk about it here and more elaborately.

Yeah...You see, I don't have a problem with gospel musicians making it big. At least it's all for God's glory. But you see, a lot of gospel artistes are getting it all wrong. One gospel musician disagreed with the Ghana Music Awards (GMA) board when they nominated a fellow gospel act in the Album of the year category and he wasn't. He claims his album sold more copies and his album is more popular in the other regions aside Accra and the other artist didn't even have an album. When as a matter of fact the artist did have an album. 

The artist was on radio and TV speaking very ill about the issue and his fellow gospel artist. Another female also spoke very ill about another female gospel act that she's not doing what is supposed to be done as a gospel artist. The way she dresses n her style of music is not Christian n she shouldn't have been nominated for the GMAs. They went back and forth on radio over these issues and even the secular acts don't do this. It was awful. I was so ashamed. 

These days, gospel artistes are counting their album sales and have left out wining and counting souls for God’s Kingdom. They seem to be more concerned now about how many shows they play...How many cars they drive and all that. If they only truly understood that, in truth, we are entitled to all these things and so they shouldn't be our priorities, I believe, their focus will change

This seems to be a trend that is happening just not in Ghana. What would u say the problem is and what's your advice?

When you listen to most ‘gospel’ music today, they don't lift your soul. They don’t get you to understand things u never understood about God. Most ‘christians’ today don’t seem to have faith in God anymore. They  now want to take situations into their own hands. Just look at this, someone calls you to build a house for him, shouldn't you expect the person to sort you out on how to go about it and get the materials from him? But now, God calls us but we now show Him how to do His own work... 

So what's your take on gospel awards?

If I had a choice, we should forget and stop hosting these awards because they only focuses on how much effort someone makes for men to applaud even when we should know that our mission is strictly a spiritual affair.

So, its 2014. What are your plans for the year?

Well, God has not told me if I will b releasing my album this year but he has told me the album title. So for now, I will keep releasing the singles He will ask me to. Reach out more and possibly, go around the world for some few ministrations. But ofcourse, it's all in the hands of ‘my oga at the top'


Funny to see that got to Ghana


It was great having you here…

 Thanks too, bro...

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