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FREE DOWNLOAD ::: UK-Based Duo, The Levites 3:12, Drop FREE Album! + FREE Single

Okay, today is indeed your lucky day. This sensational duo called The Levites 3:12 have released their debut album and they say you should have it FREE right here and now! They are two sisters based in the UK that you really should get to know and yes, hear!

According to Them, The album " is called 'Volume I - Urban Worship' and is the first half of two releases. 'Volume II - Live Worship' is already in the making. This first Volume consists on urban sounds but as we are called to worship, although the sound is very relevant, the message behind all the songs were pulled out from our heart of worship unto God. The message behind our music is that of love, hope, life and conviction.  

The single we have chosen to best represent Volume I is called 'New Season, New Day'. It features a rapper who is also from Manchester called David Nwator."

Yes, its your lucky day. Hit the download button below to get the whole album in a zipped folder:




to Houston, Texas with their family in May 1999.God soon led them to a Christian family in Houston with whom B'YOND was formed. B'YOND consisted of five teenagers who loved music and loved God and they began to write their own songs and minister in their home Church every chance they received.

In 2002 B'YOND broke out of their church walls and entered into a Christian Talent Show in their city. They won this Talent Competition winning free studio hours, which resulted in B'YOND releasing their first album, complete with songs written and partly produced by them which became one of the favourites amongst the youth of Houston, especially in the African American Christian community. 
Just before recording their second album, God had the family relocate to Manchester, UK in December 2004, which resulted in the separation of B'YOND.Moving to Manchester was definitely part of God’s sovereign design as it put them in the path of finding God for themselves, which birthed a new passion for God, their ministry, and their name, The Levites 3:12 (Numbers 3:12 - Look, I have chosen the Levites from among the Israelites to serve…the Levites belong to Me).

Their main priority is to spread the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST through words and song, and their prayer is that each time they minister and serve people through from their music, evangelism, or events, seeds are sown and lives are transformed by the incredible power of the Holy Spirit. God makes all things perfect in time and that is what these ladies believe. It has been many years in the making, but their debut release is finally ready to reach the world.