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+ ISSUES ::: A 24-Year- old Virgin Speaks - "Why I Keep Saying No"

Why I Keep Saying "No" 

You will agree with us that they seem to be an endangered species...Virgins. Well, this post is from a lady known as Leah Holder, a 24-year-old virgin, and she takes us through her experience...

When I was 17 years old, I liked to hang out with the other teenagers in my neighborhood. We would talk for hours, and I enjoyed our conversations. Yet one day, my conversation with one of the guys made me feel uncomfortable. He kept making comments about us having sex in the near future. I finally stopped him and said, "No, I'm not having sex with you."

"What's wrong with me?" he responded.
I gave it to him straight saying, "I'm not having sex with anyone before marriage. I want to be sexually pure."
This guy looked at me as though I was an alien from outer space, and then he asked me a short but loaded question.


Now, at age 24, I keep saying "no" to this culture's rules for sex, and people keep asking me "why?"
In our culture many people, including some who identify themselves as Christians, fall into the trap of sexual impurity. The consequence is brokenness—broken hearts, broken lives, broken families, and broken fellowship with God. I once heard Pastor Andy Stanley explain why failing to live sexually pure is different than failing in other areas of our lives.

He pointed out how we can fully recover from many other kinds of failures. For example, financially, you and I could lose all of our money at one point, and later on become millionaires. Educationally, you and I could drop out of school at one time, and then later earn GEDs, Masters degrees, and Doctorate degrees. Professionally, you and I could get fired at one point, and later on become presidents or CEOs. However, sexual purity failures pack more devastating blows to our lives, often resulting in irreparable damage. Sexual purity failures can cause wounds that no amount of money, no degree, and no accomplishment can heal.

I desperately want my generation to understand that God created sex, and He actually does want us to enjoy it. But He wants us to enjoy it within His boundaries. His boundary for sex is marriage, period. Is that because God wants to ruin our fun? Not at all!

God wants us to stay within His boundaries for the same reason my grandma wanted my dad and his brothers to stay inside the fence around their house. "Don't y'all go out there!" she would warn them. My dad grew up in a gang-infested area on the south side of Chicago. The other side of the fence seemed fun to him and his brothers, but my grandma could see things they couldn't. She could see the harm and danger that awaited them on the other side of that fence, and she wanted to protect her children.

This world makes sex outside of marriage look glamorous in all the movies, television shows, and music videos. So like my dad and uncles, many of us think the world's side of the fence looks fun. But like my grandma, God can see things we can't. He knows the harm and danger that await us if we have sex the world's way, and He wants to protect us, His children.

I hope to inspire my generation to embrace sexual purity. I have wrestled with my purity, but I find victory through Christ Jesus. The Lord has given me a passion to encourage people in this area, and He has blessed me with a beautiful testimony to share. By His grace, I am a virgin who has not even kissed a guy. It has not been easy. In fact, it has been downright difficult at times. And I'm keenly aware that my greatest temptations to give in may be ahead of me. Even so, I'm fully convinced that God's way for sex is the best way, and my heart longs to say "yes" to His way. That's precisely why I keep saying "no" to our culture's way.

I have lived in Texas since I was seven years old, and I possess my fair share of Texas pride. In addition to football and big stuff, we Texans take pride in our private property. You will see plenty of signs that read NO TRESPASSING. In fact, property owners can legally shoot people who do trespass on their property. I told you, we value our property down here.

God carefully created us in our mothers' wombs (Psalm 139:13). We are His private property. We are His precious masterpieces. As we begin or continue our sexual purity journeys, I encourage us to tell all the sexual impurity in this world NO TRESPASSING— No trespassing on our minds, no trespassing on our bodies, and no trespassing on our hearts. After all, to say "no" to the world's way is to say "yes" to God's way.

And God's way is the best way.


  1. I am evn more blessed and inspired by this. My heart almost literarily breaks when I see how much d world has turned upside in dis particular area. O wish people wld actlly stop being in denial abt how much more harmful it is to engage in premarital sex than d few minutes of pleasure dey get frm it. And I hope ppl will be much more discliplined and opened up to the abundant grace God has blessed us with to stay on track with Him nd let Him help us, keep us and protect us frm all d many trauma it cld cause us. I totally agree with God's way nd I wld choose His over nd over again because His tots towards me are of good nd not of evil; itz His blessings alone dat makes rich and adds no sorrow. What more cld we ask for?

  2. What a good story..that's why God is so good..

  3. Cool..This is lovely. I'm glad more young virgins are beginning to speak up and declare their virginity. It is time to turn the table around. Virgins should be proud they are virgins! I am prouud to state that I am a Virgin @ 25, and I intend to live by NO-SUM(No sex until marriage). MINE Teenage ministry has put up an initiative, we celebrate virginity day every year, Virginity Day 2014,June 14,2014 is another time for us to advocate sexual purity. Thanks for sharing...

    1. That's great. Do you have a website or contact we can reach you with?

  4. Thank you so much. Its inspiring too hear people take a stand for NO SEX. I also would love to point out an area many Christians has delved into in the bid to stay pure. Its kissing,caressing,dry humping and petting. Really,lots of us can live without sex but we compromise our stand by involving in other acts like the ones stated above. Really,sex ain't an issue for me,but its being able to bottle up those emotions and urges that has been at rest until you find someone you really love. Yes,virginity and staying away from sex is good but purity is much more higher. receive grace to stay pure from inordinate affections.