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URBAN + EXCLUSIVE ::: D.O.P.E - God Forgive Us

Here is a fresh song from our Raptivist....Its D.O.P.E! Okay, yes, its from D.O.P.E and this song enters, mehnnn!!! Its straight evangelism and its done in a way that will get you nodding all the way.

The chorus goes hard and it goes like thus :

 "You Dont go to church, dude, I don't trust you...Do you really know Christ? I wont force you...Beyond the rap song its my heart talking...You claim you know Jesus so stop the mocking....Left the church you are trooping to the secular....Your spiritual life now dropping on the regular..."

According to D.O.P.E:  "This Rap song is an out burst of the position we find ourselves this moment. Our children and youngsters are abandoning the church and trooping into the secular society. So many souls are on the line, yet most Christians do nothing or little about "The Great Commission".

Devil worship and worshippers are infiltrating into our entertainment industry, our televisions and radios.
Back then they were underground, but now they flaunt themselves, philosophy and signs in our faces.

Beyond the warning, prepare for war because we are about to take back nations and generations."

Now you know what he had in mind when he dropped it. Download and get it plugged!



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