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+EVENT ::: Are you Ready for Fragrance of Worship? Coming this March!

Here is one worship concert coming up this March that you should not miss. If you have ever heard of the singer called Aijay, you will agree with us that she has quite an angelic voice and impressive song writing skills that is quite world class!

In this concert, you will get the chance to hear her sing along with other extraordinary worshipers. We have the details of the program right here...Read on.

Many singers in the church and outside the church, yet the Lord seeks for worshippers. Something has really gone wrong, its either that the major contents of our worship to God is missing, "spirit and truth". The Father seeks such worship. But these days, entertainment and recognition(fame) have eaten deep into fabrics of our worship to God. Every gift of God is first meant to bring Him pleasure before it makes a way for us and set us before kings.

So, FOW seeks to restore real and spirit-filled worship to God. That's why I decided to gather worshippers together on my birthday to launch this campaign. People go to motherless babies home and other charity homes to mark their birthdays, but I chosen to use my area of passion to mark it. So come with me!

The League of Artistes for FOW season 2:

Efe Nathan
Chislon Koko
Lanre Bishop
Sound Dynasty

Host: Amarah (aka Amicable Brown)

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